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After a guardian angel fails to protect his human, he must pay the consquences.

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There she was. Standing on top of the tallest building in the whole city. She turned around to face me. Tears streamed down her face yet, she smiled. “I always knew you were real.” I hadn’t even realized I had made myself visible to her. But that was the least of my worries. “Nora..” I said quietly. She wiped away her tears and let out a quiet laugh. “Your job will be a lot easier after I’m gone huh?” I ran to her but I was a second too late. The darkness of the night seemed to swallow her as she fell backward off the side of the building. I screamed, louder than I had ever screamed before. I was a second too late. I quickly jumped off and dove after her. I had to catch her. I just had too. I knew I wasn’t fast enough. I opened up my wings and caught myself just as she hit the ground. I gently landed on the ground next to her. My legs weak, I fell to my knees. Tears filled my eyes and I struggled to breathe through my sobs. If only I was a second sooner I could have caught her. My head starts pounding as sirens and flashing lights flood my senses. Look at me. I had one job. “Protect her.” they said. I tried. I really did. I stand up as a crowd starts to form around me. I hear sobbing and gasps faintly behind the sirens. Police tell people to move away as they try to cover up what used to be her body. I open up my wings and with one last apology fly back up to the top of the building. The air grew cold around me. Not only did I fail to protect her, but she also died to suicide. It’s pretty much just a slap in the face saying how much of a failure I am. I looked out at the city. She always loved this view. Guess it was the last thing she wanted to see before she died. A tear rolls down my cheek but I wipe it away just before someone speaks up behind me. “She’s dead.” I take a deep breath and turn around to face him. “I win.” He smiles a wicked smile and disgust fills my body. “Why her? Why did you have to take her?” He laughs but I just stand there, anger flowing through me. “She was weak. An easy target.” His horns shined faintly in the moonlight. I look down knowing there is nothing I can do. When he wins, there is no reversing it. His tail was wrapped around a small blade. A blade of fire. He stepped closer to me. In the blink of an eye, he was behind me. One clean swipe and my wings we sliced clean off. Searing pain filled my back causing me to collapse of the ground. “Failures like you don’t deserve wings.” He gave me a hard kick in the side before vanishing. I gasped for air. My vision went blurry. Then everything went dark.

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