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Nova Never wanted to be that girl that was weak and that some man thought she needed saving. She works her ass off and studied at Stanford for her MBA. Since graduating she had accomplished what most would seem like a lot but honestly just bought a business that was falling and made it rise to success she was the most wanted woman l, sought out by males all over. Jace, Was all about success and making it to the top never faced a challenge to big or difficult. He strived for perfection. Taking over his dads business and making it better what the best thing he ever did. He's as cold as ice and the most wanted man. Women bow to him and he expects nothing else. When these two met all hell will break lose. She will fight for her freedom and he will fight for her submission.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I don't need a man, I've built everything I have with my own two hands. My dad didn't give it to me. I am not some damsel in distress. I can take care of my self!

Baby girl, you better watch what you say, or you going to be in trouble. You'll do as I say or you will be punished. I will not repeat my self.

I hat.. He sealed my mouth with his

Nova Pov.

Most people would say that I look nice and sweet but piss me off and you'll see a whole new side. I start my day at 5 am. I get dressed in a black pencil skirt with a slit just above my knee and pair it with a nice blue blouse. I grab my black heels and slip them on. I apply as little makeup as possible and tie my hair into a high ponytail. Today is going to be quite the day. I have meetings none stop to move forward with expanding my business and they think because I am a girl I don't know that they are trying to shorthand me. I walk to my kitchen and settle for a light breakfast. After breakfast in place my dishes in the sink and make my way to the garage. I pull my keys from the hook and hope into my teal jeep. Most business-savvy people prefer fancy cars that make a statement. I prefer to drive what I am comfortable with. I pull up to knight enterprise and park in my spot. I give a small nod to the doorman and take the elevator up to the 25th floor. I am greeted by Everly who sits at the front desk.

"Good morning Miss Knight, your first meeting is in 15 mins. Ava left the file on your desk and went to get your coffee."

"Good morning and thank you ev, ". I replied and made my way to my office. I sat down and began reading the file. Before finishing it I knew they would try to take me for granted but this is going too far. As I set the file down Ava come in with my coffee.

"Oh thank goodness you here, I needed this. Theses men are going to kill me with their constant need to underestimate me". I told her.

"What are they trying to do know"? She asked

" Well after approaching me about expanding my business, they expect someone else to run it. They are pretty much trying to get me to sell them Knight ent. Those foolish basters". I replied while laughing.

I grab the file and make my way to the conference room. I turn and stare out the window looking over the city. The door opened and I know the men are filling in taking their seats. I can feel their eyes Burning into my back. Once I know all the men are seated and the door is closed I turn and look at them all in the eye.

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