Ice Master

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IV. Second Is His Soul

“Good Ice. You may continue now.” Sara treated Ice as if he was a kid. Ice just chuckled faintly at her childish behaviour. He felt too tired to reprimand her anyway.

“I’ll give you a choice, love.” Ice spoke seriously. He stopped for a while, making sure she was listening carefully, and then he continued, “Do you want to go to your Enya? Or do you want to come with me to my home?”

“What’s Enya?”

“The continent of elves, your homeland. That was where you were born.”

“Why are you suddenly asking me this?” Sara understood that she was of a different race, but she didn’t understand why Ice was blurting such serious things.

“I did freeze the city, but the innocent ones are unharmed. I am sure that other enslaved elves would have freed themselves by now. They would definitely try to go back home. It’s a good chance to reunite with your people.”

Sara pondered about it for a while. She was curious about her homeland, but she was not sure about it. Going with unknown people to an unknown land and then trying to find her home. This didn’t make sense to her. Staying with Ice was a better option. But she felt it weird that Ice, who wouldn’t even let go of her hand when they were out, would ask her to go somewhere alone.

“I’ll go to my homeland only if you come with me,” Sara said hoping Ice would tag along with her like he always had.

“From what I know, humans aren’t allowed to enter Enya. Humans and other races are not on good terms.”

“But you’re a human, aren’t you? And we get along well.”

“I guess I ain’t a human then... So, what do you choose?”

“Of course I’ll choose you,” Sara said without hesitation.

“Are you sure? This land ain’t safe for you. Humans are ugly by heart. Staying with me will only bring you trouble.”

It pained Sara when she thought Ice doesn’t want her to stay with him anymore. She felt like Ice was pushing her away and her eyes moistened up. She tried to contain herself, but it was too hard. She remembered all the times she spent together with Ice.

Ice was only five years older than her. Even the earliest of her memories had Ice in them. She knew that Ice had been taking care of her ever since she was born.

They lived in a small wooden house in a relatively safer area of the forest. Though sometimes, wild beasts would come there wandering. When she had turned fifteen, Ice had told her why the other humans were dangerous for her. Ever since then, she had felt responsible for making Ice live this kind of harsh life. Ice could have lived a normal life with people like him. But he chose her. Well, that’s the reason Sara thought.

Moreover, Ice would always make her eat first till she was full before eating himself. He taught her everything she knew. From things that she shouldn’t eat to writing alphabets. He would be her playmate whenever she felt bored. He would be her mount when she was tired of walking. He would be her shelter if the weather wasn’t good. Her life revolved around Ice and his around hers.

Sara has always been confused about their relationship. Ice had forbidden her to call him father, but she had always considered him as her father in her heart. Now it turned out to be true, she couldn’t bear the thought that he was pushing her away.

Sara knelt down and sat on her knees in front of Ice. She held Ice’s face in her hands and she felt coldness radiating from his skin, but she didn’t let go. She looked right into his red eyes and spoke.

“I’ll always choose you, father. You’re my family. You’re my home. So don’t you dare push me away.”

Winds blew, and Sara’s long golden hair danced in the wind. Ice curled his lips upwards. His wide smile radiated warmth, unlike his skin.

“Then stay with me. By the way, it feels weird when you call me that. Call my name instead.” Ice replied and patted her head softly as if she was a kitten. Normally, Sara wouldn’t like if Ice patted her. She thought such gestures are only for kids, and she had grown up. But this time, she let Ice do it.

“Ice... Why are you so cold?” Sara asked as she let go of his face.

“I’ve no idea.” Ice didn’t want to worry her. He exhaled some air from his mouth. The vapour in his breath condensed as if the weather was too cold. But it wasn’t winter season yet. Winters would start after two months.

“You promised you would tell me everything.”

“In short, when I found that my wife, your step-mother might be dead, I lost it. I broke the first seal and got my memories and power.”

“I don’t understand anything.” Sara was confused with everything. Like what seal? Why did Ice get powers?

“You don’t need to understand it. Just know it.”

“Where is mother’s body now? We should bury her properly instead of letting her stay in the coffin.” Sara asked. She was actually curious where the black coffin vanished to.

“She’d not dead! She’s just sleeping… And she’s in a safe place.” Deep down, Ice only wanted to search for a way to resurrect Yavie.

“I’ll sleep for a while. Read the letter from your mother.”

‘Come Ice’. The deep voice echoed in Ice’s ears again. His heart beat hard and he could hear his heart thumping loudly. His mind was going blank and darkness was clouding his eyes. He felt this intense desire to fall asleep. This time, he couldn’t deny the calling.

“So second is my soul.” Ice whispered and closed his eyes. His breath became shallow. It surprised Sara that Ice would fall asleep right after saying so. She realized that his current posture might hurt his neck, and so she laid him down on the ground. She walked a bit around but found no beasts nearby. Sara sat below the same tree Ice was once leaning on. She brought out the folded paper from her pocket and unfolded it.

’Dear Sara,

Let me start with how you came into this world. Humans accidentally found the portal to Enya. Such portals were supposed to have been destroyed back then, but this one somehow remained. Humans assaulted the nearest elven village and your parents died protecting their home. Back then, you were just a six-month-old baby, still in your mother’s womb.

Next day, when I was wandering in search for Ice, I found you. Even though your mother had died, you tenaciously clung onto life. You were alive. I pulled you out of your mother’s womb and nurtured you through my own life force. Because of that, you might look like me when you grow up. I’m sorry about that.

I don’t know if you had any relatives. They all had moved, and I didn’t have time. I brought you to Shera along with me. I feared that I might lose him once more if I didn’t hurry. When I found Ice, he was in the body of a five-year-old kid. He looked so cute back then. It’ll be hard to understand things about him, but I’m sure he will eventually explain everything to you. I was weak after the nurturing ‘stunt’, and stupid humans were after me. Thus, I handed you over to Ice and went to heal myself.

You know, for us elves, our real name is the most precious thing for us. Except for our parents, only our significant other knows our real name. Your name... I named you Serenity. That’s what my soul felt when I looked at you. According to the customs, you were supposed to know your real name on the coming of age. But it’s fine. If Ice had passed to you this letter, you should be mature enough. Ice was a kid back then and he couldn’t exactly pronounce your name. He ended up calling you Sara.

I’ve so much more to tell you, but I’ve too little time. Even though we spent only a few months together. But remember, you are my daughter and I will not let you say otherwise. I know I have wronged you a lot. I hope you will forgive me. I hope I’ll be able to talk to you soon.

Love you lots.


Sara felt like crying when she read that letter. She read it once more and this time, she cried up. She could feel the love her mother had for her through her words. At that moment, Sara wanted to hug her so tightly, but she was not near. Sara hugged that letter instead.

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