Ice Master

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VII. Third Is His Body

Regina journeyed along with a handful of soldiers towards Eudora. After travelling for almost half a day, they had reached the middle of the Taiga forest. Eudora was less than an hour away from that place. But their journey came to an abrupt halt there when a child stopped them by standing in the middle of the road with his hands spread wide. The kid was almost four feet tall, wearing a dark brown hood covering his face. The hood was patched at various places by other clothes. The kid wasn’t intimidated by the fast-moving horses or the soldiers above those horses.

The soldiers in the front spread out in different directions and drew out their swords while the soldiers in the back moved closer to the royal carriage. Their actions appeared well trained as they looked everywhere in case it was an ambush. One of the soldiers in the front stepped down from his horse and walked towards the kid, his sword still in his hand, pointed towards the kid but that kid didn’t put down his hands.

“Why did you stop us kid?” From under the hood, the kid spoke loud enough that her words could be heard by that soldier but she appeared to be saying gibberish. The soldier could not understand a word that kid said. The soldier looked around at his teammates and realizing that they found no other person nearby, he put the sword in the scabbard once again and took off his helmet. He appeared to be a middle-aged man with dark hair. There was a small scar on the left side of his forehead that appeared like a wound from a weapon. He bent down on one of his knees and looked at that kid. He realized that the kid was a girl. Her face was covered in dirt at places. It looked like she had a hard time in the forest.

That girl was Sara. Sara was asking them for help but that person in front of her could not understand her words and neither could she understand what the other person was saying.

“Where are your parents, kid?” The soldier asked. Sara grew anxious after meeting other people that could not understand her. Ice had taught her speaking and reading but it looked like they all spoke some other language. She pointed at the forest and tried to tell them once more.

“Ice needs first aid. He is hurt.” Sara said.

The soldier then looked toward one of his companions. “Avelot, this kid can’t understand me. Neither can I understand her.” / “She speaks some other language.”

Another soldier stepped down from the horse. As the woman took off her iron helmet, her long brown hair and dark eyes could be seen clearly.

“What do we do with her? Leave her?”

That woman bent down and proceeded to ask similar questions to Sara. Sara’s anxiousness only increased as time passed. She started to get angry at those people.

“Why don’t you understand? Ice needs help!” Avelot understood one of the words in her speech. It was ‘help’.


“Yes! Help!” Sara then walked near Avelot and held her leather armour. She pulled her armour in an attempt to make her walk along with her. But she could not make her move. Sara’s body was so small compared to the female soldier’s.


At that moment, the carriage door opened. A woman dressed in white-red clothes slowly stepped out of the carriage. Her hair was long and fluttering along with the gentle breeze. She stepped out of the carriage. Her every move looked graceful. After her, two other women stepped out of the carriage. One was wearing iron armour while the other was wearing a light armour similar to her.

“What is going on?” Regina asked.

“Your majesty, this little kid is asking for help. We do not understand anything else.” Avelot said.

Regina looked at Sara and Sara looked at her back. Sara could realize that Regina was different than others. She then asked Regina for help, hoping she could miraculously understand her. Regina could not understand Sara’s words but Regina felt like she could. Sara’s words felt like the most natural thing to her. Those words captivated Regina, and for a brief moment, Regina felt like Sara was using the language of the gods that mortals could not comprehend.

Regina walked to Sara, She knelt on one knee and slowly removed the robe from the kids head. She wanted to know who the kid was. Regina was surprised when she saw those long pointy ears and that beautiful face. Sara asked Regina to help again.

“An elf!” Avelot gasped loudly. The other soldiers became very attentive when they heard it. Before, they had only heard about elves in myths and legends. Some of the soldiers secretly peeked at how an elf might look.

When Regina realized that the kid was an elf, she couldn’t help but remember the words in the messages- “Don’t mess with the elves’. Her heart started beating wildly. Regina instinctively didn’t want to do anything with an elf. She wanted to be as far from an elf as she could be after remembering those words. Moreover, the language Sara was speaking was too wried. But on the other hand, if she overlooked the fact that the kid was an elf, Regina felt that it wasn’t right to ignore the kid that needed help. The kid kept repeating help again and again while pointing in a certain direction. Regina could feel the kid’s desperation. Perhaps her family was hurt there. At that moment, Regina took a brave decision.

“Miriella,” Regina called out a brown haired lady that was with her in the carriage. “Go with Avelot and help this kid.” Regina quickly retreated to the carriage.

Both women replied without hesitation, “As you command, your majesty.”

Because they had gathered together in hurry, they didn’t have a spare horse. Miriella walked towards Avelot and asked.

“Do you think your ride can carry both of us?”

“I don’t think that you or this kid weighs anything.” Avelot laughed as she put Sara on her horse. Avelot got on top of the horse and then lent her hand towards Miriella, helping her. Sara looked at them carefully. Even though she didn’t understand their words, she realized that their leader had agreed to help her. Sara thanked Regina repeatedly in her own language which they could not understand.

Avelot, Miriella and Sara took off to the jungle.

“My Queen...” Rose called out to her after they were inside the carriage.

“Yes, Rose?”

“That was so unlike you." Even though other soldiers hadn’t noticed, Rose did. She saw Regina’s trembling hands as she looked at that elf kid. Rose also knew about the message they had received. She had thought that Regina would not like to be in contact with the elf but Regina helped her.

Regina was breathing heavily inside the carriage. Sara had appeared so bright when she had looked at her. Regina had felt an instinctive closeness to that elf. But there was another thing. Regina felt that Sara was connected with something inexplicable, something greater...

“There was something about that kid...”

* * * * *

At the same moment, Ice was feeling that his body has been set on fire. He felt suffocated, as if every ounce of breath he took required all of his efforts. He tore off his robe and other clothes he was wearing, but that suffocating sensation didn’t stop. His hand reached to his chest. He tried to rip off his skin in an attempt to stop his suffocation but he wasn’t able to. His hands didn’t have the strength to dig into his flesh. He felt powerless in front of that maddening suffocation.

The scars on his body were completely visible. There were nine concentric circular scars on his back. The scars were in the shape of lines and runes as if it was a language. The lines divided the circular scars while the runes were etched in spaces. A few of the runes extended outwards from the circle and they appeared to be coiled around his arms, his legs and his head as if they were some kind of chains.

He shrieked and screamed hoping it would become easier to breathe. His desperate roars became loud and spread out for miles in the forest. The beasts of the forest shivered in terror when they heard the voice that appeared as if it belonged to some kind of monster. Some of the beasts then started to howl and roar along with him while others sought places to hide.

Ice felt like the earth beneath him was set on some hellfire. He started to crawl with his arms and legs, he wanted to get away in search for cooler ground. He started beating up the ground in madness.

His body cracked up at various parts as if it was giving him small spaces to breathe. He could physically feel the pain of something eating him up from inside.

As his body cracked at different parts, those scars on his body started to glow. Blood started to flow from his cracked up body to the little valleys formed by the scars as if was some river flowing in a canal. The scars, the runes started glowing in bright silver while the blood glowed in crimson red. At some parts of the scars, the silver illumination took over the red and at other parts, the red took over the silver. The outermost circular scar shattered up as if it was an object. The scars and the runic chains connected with the outermost circles started to extend towards the next circle. Those leftover parts of the ninth circles reformed and reshaped to make up a few new runes and helped in connecting the runic chains with the magic circle.

Avelot rode the horse in the direction Sara had pointed at. They travelled for about half an hour. But after that, Sara couldn’t point the direction where she came from. It was her first time travelling by herself and she was lost.

“Where do we go?” Avelot asked.

Sara tried her best to remember where she came from, but everything looked the same to her. When Sara scratched her head, the two women could tell that the kid had lost the way. Avelot and Miriella were thinking about what to do next when they heard a deafening roars coming from the south-eastern side. It was like the roar belonged to a monster rather than a beast.

Sara’s eyes widened when she heard it. That roar had traces of Ice’s voice. She furiously shook Avelot behind her with her left hand while pointing in the direction with her right hand. Avelot was surprised by Sara’s actions for a short while. She didn’t want to go there but her curiosity compelled her.

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