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The Fiery Huntress

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When Amelia thought her life was getting worse, she encounters a charming mysterious person. What could the journey hold for both of them?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Amelia was staring at the two-story brick house in front of her, this was house number fifty-eight, as she made mental note of each house her family has moved in so far over the years. Amelia held the luggage in her hand and walked up the small steps of the house with long strides

Opening the door revealed the inside of the house, which was a bit on the old side. A few worn-out couches were placed on each side of the staircases leading up to the bedrooms, right next to each staircase was a room with chipped doors, the left side was the kitchen and the right side was the living room.

Amelia skipped past them without even batting an eye towards the inside and went straight ahead to her room.

She placed the luggage on her white bed and looked around the room. The room was small but it was enough for Amelia and most of her luggage, it only had one small window right beside a big birch desk.

“Amelia, did you get all your stuff?” her dad, Kevin shouted while she was unpacking her luggage.

“Yeah dad, but where’s my potion bag? I think I left it in the trunk of the car” Emily replied, her mom came a few seconds later came and handed her the potion bag.

“Thanks, mom”

“No problem, going out already?” she asked eyeing Amelia while she was changing sweaters.

“Yes, I’m going to check the town out, you never know when we’ll move again so I want to inspect it carefully and leave no room for doubt,” Amelia said flashing her mom a small smile.

Her mom nodded slowly and left the room. When her mom left she closed the door behind her and opened the potion bag. Amelia pulled out a small bottle that contains a golden liquid.

“I have to stock up on that,” she thought to herself as she drank a small amount of it and waited for a little while for it to kick in.

What was special about the golden liquid is that it hides the user’s scent for a long period. A great potion made by the witches to hide from other supernatural beings.

Amelia left the house and was getting closer to her destination, she stopped for a minute and checked her equipment to see if anything was missing.

When she confirmed that everything was in its right place, she picked the lock carefully and got in. She searched everything about this town before she moved here, Emily was sure that her target was in hiding in this particular abandoned house.

She sneakily searched the place going from room to room, and hall to hall. Finally reached a room where her target was, as she reached out to grab her knife from its sheath the old wooden floor creaked under her steps. The vampire took notice of her and bared his fangs.

The vampire was in front of her in a flash, Amelia kicked him in the stomach to make some space between them. She got down on the ground and kicked his legs making him fall then retreated to get her knife out.

Amelia took the opportunity of him regaining his balance to slash his arm however because of his fast reflexes she only managed to slash his hand.

She smiled at him and put more power into the knife, enough for it to get stuck the second time she struck him. The venom coating the knife slowly seeped into his bloodstream. Amelia closed the door on him and ran to another room to recollect herself.

She kicked some stuff around making as much ruckus as possible then entered a destroyed room and leaned on the door to catch her breath. What she didn’t take notice of was the other vampire lurking in the shadows.

She closed her eyes and sighed. Concentrating on her surroundings she felt another presence in the room. Amelia pulled out her other knife to attack the lurking presence but the vampire was quicker than her and took the knife, he put one hand on her mouth and other on her waist to keep her in place.

He shushed her quietly and whispered “don’t move I promise I won’t kill you as I’m also hunting that bastard” the vampire moved his hand away from her mouth while keeping the other in its original place. Amelia turned her head slightly and studied him for a second then nodded her head.

“I’ll borrow this for a second” he whispered in her ear and let go of her waist, he got out of the room with light steps.

“Who is this other guy?” Amelia whispered under her breath, he looked familiar to her.

A few minutes passed and Michael’s scream could be heard, Amelia got out and followed the sound, she found the one who took her knife has captured Michael.

She pulled out the silver handmade cuffs from the bag and handcuffed him. The handcuffs weakened him because of the hunter writings carved onto the cuffs. His strength right now can be compared to the average human strength.

Amelia placed her bag aside and turned around, now she could see the vampire who helped her in better lighting, his icy blue eyes stood out the most.


“You are a royal vampire!”

“Correct, I’m Alexander.” Alexander’s clear and confident voice resonated through the hallway.

“Amelia” she responded without batting an eye towards him and dragged Michael to the nearest chair.

Amelia sat down Michael on the chair and tied him with ropes. Alexander was eyeing the way she handled Michael, his eyes followed her every move. It seemed weird to him that she has not killed him on the spot since all the vampire hunters kill vampires without a second thought.

“Michael...Michael...Michael..one of Samuel’s favorite puppets! what I’m I going to do with you? Are you going to make it easy for me and tell me the information I need or are you gonna make it harder on yourself?”

“The red-headed hunter, tsk” Michael thrashed in his chair, “the others warned me about you. Sweetheart you can go ahead and kill me, I’m not saying anything” Michael challenged her.

Emily punched him hard in the stomach and he started coughing, ” not the answer I wanted but I guess we can sweeten the deal” She said smiling innocently.

She brought out a phone and opened the camera footage. “Do you know them?” She asked showing him his family of two, a wife and a child.

“How do you know about them? Samuel promised to keep them safe and well hidden!” Michael shouted.

“Same way I got your name,” she said rolling her eyes. Getting to his file was an easy job for her and it wasn’t even concealed properly.

“I got to say your wife is very pretty and your child is cute as well” she eyed the camera footage from the corner of her eye.

“Don’t touch them” he started thrashing in his place once more.

“I won’t, just give me what I want and you’ll be on your Merry way”

Michael went quiet as he thought about it and finally opened his mouth “You give me your word on this?” , Michael asked in a hushed voice, “I give you my word”

Michael stared right into Amelia’s eyes for a min, different emotions were running in those and Amelia could see each one.

“Alright then Samuel has been active in Endor, there’s a club there where he’s meeting with Dan, one of his high ranked followers, he deals with the blood bank affairs and from what I heard they’re trying to create a new type of blood”

“So my suspicion is true, he is trying to start the project again” Michael nodded. “Now keep your promise and don’t touch my family!” She looked at Michael and remembered what she should do.

“Forgive me”

She held the knife and stabbed him in the heart, she muffled his mouth to prevent any screaming. It took a minute but he was finally dead.

Alexander who was standing beside them silently was astonished “why did you kill him? What about his family?” He smashed the lamp next to him.

“His family is dead, Samuel killed them, this footage is a few months old. Samuel used his family as an advantage to make him do his bidding, you can check out his file on the tablet ” Amelia said while cleaning the knife. His anger was the last thing she cared about.

“Samuel was going to kill him after there was no more use from him” Alexander looked at her with cold eyes, he was processing what she told him.

“Amelia how about we strike a deal? Be partners for a while” Alexander said and She looked at him like he grew another head.

“Well you see I got some business with Samuel as well and I think that we will both benefit from this. Don’t worry, I do not plan on killing you, If I had really wanted to do so I would have already tried and you would have already killed me” he said smiling cheekily.

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