Kiss of the Immortal

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Survive. Humanity lost the war and now vampires rule while the defeated live between being second-class citizens and livestock. Some live as slaves to their immortal masters, others are free, traitors to their own kind while a few refused to be oppressed and began fighting back. Kira Nightraven is one who exists in between, a human raised by the Imperial Family, spared from sharing her family’s fate. Though she made it through the war with her life, it was a life in a gilded cage. Raised among the Pureblood Daughter of the Imperial Family, Kira hardened her heart and strengthened her will to never allow anyone to hurt her again. Fifteen years after the start of the war Kira has perfected her skill, navigating the halls and rooms of the Palace, the vampire-dominated society and even the Hierarchy of the government to be nearly untouchable. For a time she safe and secure, that is until the unexpected return of the last woman she ever thought or wanted to see. Different than when they were children, Eona Tepes has every intention of softening the stone that is Kira's heart and to show her there is more to life than just surviving. However, In their years apart another laid claim to Kira, one who does not take kindly to another eyeing what is hers. Caught between two worlds, two women and two lives, Kira fears this will not be something, even she can survive.

Fantasy / Adventure
Meghan Jones
4.7 9 reviews
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