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Final Wish: Encounter

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A light midieval fantasy/romance with sci-fi aliens thrown in the mix.

Fantasy / Romance
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"The preparations are complete commander," bellowed the the head pilot. It was time to depart to their new home, a huge undertaking indeed. The ship to complete the first of these long-range 'jumps' had to be a legendary one -this ship definitely met the standard.

Granted, it was grotesquely huge for good reason. It is a Beta class ship, meant to carry whole cities. From the efficient exhaust system seated below and to the back of the outer hull, stern of 7th fiber, pure gold and crystalline decorations, rings of ether-steel encircling the whole thing, it surely was space-worthy. But the crown jewel of the Abbadon Mk.6 must be the crimson sun core, easily one of the best power sources in this , possibly the galaxy.

The passengers were no less significant, hundreds of thousand are present on this behemoth. The Commander of Zilf army, Hadeon, along with some low ranked officials. He is also a member of the royal family, so everything had to be perfect.

Well the time to voyage had come. Slowly, each light along the rim of the stern lit up, signifying the levels of power being expended. The rings surrounding the ship began to glow a most brilliant vermilion. The wormhole was forming.

All staff began to man positions into and the flood commuters went into their metropolitan homes, but Commander Hadeon just felt like watching it all happen on the uppermost deck. Fitted out in shades, a fur lined jacket, a plain black shirt and some jeans, no-one could identify the now 25 year old Duke of Zilfia. A low ranking Squad Captain however, saw through his disguise, and decided to follow him. She tailed him around town quietly until he discovered his stalker. "What are you doing?" he asked. She responded with the classic: "nothin' much." He sighed. "If you want to join me, just say so."

The girl was now beaming from ear to ear. She idolized him, everyone did. His calm demeanor, laid back personality, incredible charisma, what wasn't to like?

The starved duo got some snacks then headed to the top deck. After securing some seats, Hadeon struck up a conversation. They had actually met each other prior, but the 14 year old Akari is shy around celebrities, especially cool ones like him.

The two were slowly developing a connection though. An unromantic one of course, but a connection nonetheless.

Before long, the ship began to move. "All thrusters engage!" shouted the main pilot. With the engines at full throttle, the beast monstrously roared to life. By this time, the warp material had been fully fabricated.

"Attention all passengers. This is your pilot speaking. We are about to enter the wormhole. In case of turbulence during the warp, we recommend that you make your way to your rooms ." Hadeon then continued,"Well, I guess that ends our chat," in an annoyed tone. "Can we maybe...... do this again sometime?" Akari asked, nearly whispering. "Sure," he responded, "Come find me whenever you want to talk." With that, they said their goodbyes and strolled to the fancy rooms.

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