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Alpha Damien

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Sapphire Bartels I hate them. I hate the people who lied to me all my life, claiming that meeting the one destined for your soul, your mate, will be the best thing that ever happened to you. If this is what that feeling is supposed to be like then I'm in for a very long eternity, cause loving that MONSTER is the last on my agenda. Damien Storm Look, I never asked for a mate. I never asked for a whining female breathing down my neck ever so often. Not that Sapphire does anyway, she hates my guts too much for that. I would've preferred someone more tame, a Luna who is willing to always listen to my side of the story, not one eager to bite back. So I may have made mistakes, so maybe it's actually my own fault that she hates me, but I did it for her safety. She should understand that. ********* Meet two werewolf, mates actually, who are too alike in their equal amount of stubbornness to see past past mistakes. For Sapphire, it makes no sense why her mate couldn't confront her but instead opt for the option of taking matters into his own hands. For Damien, he doesn't see why Sapphire must be so stubborn in seeing that he was only trying to protect her and her pack. But what was this danger? What is this hidden cause that caused mates to rebel against each other so much? Find out in the story where mates,for the first time in history, actually loathe each other's existence.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

To those of you who don't know me, I'm Ann, otherwise known as @annirenereads on Wattpad, and @annsherenow here on Inkitt.
I'm soo excited to start on this wonderful journey with you all. If you want to check me out on Wattpad you know what to do;-)
You can read there as well, only it's called Pulse there and is in the female main character's POV.
I will however be switching POVs here so buckle up!!
Kk so down to business then...
Sapphire's POV
I resist the urge to die of laughter as my best and nearly my only friend, Cara, flings yet another piece of chocolate on her mate's head, having it land right at the top of his ruffled mass of dirty blonde locks.
"Cara, cut it out", her mate Ryder grumbles, while mumbling about how long it would take to remove every single piece of the tiny chocolate bits out of his hair.
"I wont stop, so you'll have to make me" , she says back childishly.
I start laughing outright as he tries yet again to swat the bar of chocolate out of his mate's hands. He sends her a playful glare as he attempts to pick out the little bits of chocolate stuck in his hair. All Cara does though is giggle and come up with even more ways to annoy her mate/ boyfriend .
I catch the playful growl and smirk he gives her and with a quick mutter of, 'I'll see you later',make a bee line for the pack house, not wanting to intrude their private moment as mates and not really in the mood to witness any PDA. I intend on going upstairs to my room to watch some mindless tv but apparently my mother had other thoughts.
" Honey, your father and I are very busy with some pack issues so do you mind picking Leo up from school in a few minutes?" I stifle a groan, like I even had a choice.
" Sure mom, I better get going then"
"Thank you dear, that's why you're the Alpha's favorite daughter", my mother says with a grin and a wink.
I am the Alpha's only daughter , but sure.
I wordlessly make my way upstairs to change before going off to pick my little brother, not bothering to think too much about the pack business my parents have to deal with.
For all I know one of Mrs. Jenkins' cats lost her kitten or something.
I smile sweetly at all the 10 year olds that look my way as I enter my brother's class. Leo? All he does is just look proudly at the faces of his classmates as if to assure them that he is , in fact, related to me. What a showoff. But then once again , its not like I've ever picked him up from school before, and there's the fact that I rarely come out of the pack house.... but that's besides the point.
I gently tug at Leo's arm, signaling him that we better get going rather than just hanging around as he shows me off to his friends as his big sister.
As we exit the classroom, I make sure to draw Leo closer to me by draping my arm over his shoulder. He gives me a "get your hands off me you're embarrassing me " look, but I just ruffle his hair and pull him even closer, hoping to crush his "bad boy fascade", if he even has one. He grumbles under his breath and I just smile at my baby brother's adorable antics.
The walk back home was quiet and peaceful, well as peaceful as it can get having an annoyingly inquisitive brother asking about random plants and telling me even more random things he thinks I don't know yet.
" And Sapph, did you know that the Earth is made up of more water than land? A little over 70% to be exact."
"Wow Leo that's great"
"Yeah and our teacher says that aliens don't really exist, but I don't believe her." I laugh. Of course he doesn't.
"Yeah and did you know …-"
I shush Leo as I pick up a familiar scent. It smelt like the only sweet that could bring me to my knees- vanilla with that yummy milk chocolate stuff and a hint of mint. My wolf hums in approval.
"Leo, do you smell that?"
"Smell what?"
"That delicious scent" He pauses.
"Well I smell something, but I wouldn't really describe it as delicious..."
"Whatever let's just go home". We continue to walk home but the scent keeps getting stronger and stronger to the point where my mouth is literally watering .
"Leo, are you sure you don't smell...-"
I skid to a stop as I hear the deepest and most alluring baritone I've ever heard, and apparently the source of the scent. I look up to see the source of the voice.His whole body screamed handsome, like Greek God handsome.
His feet were clad with jet black combat boots. Faded jeans were what he was wearing and the fit him in all the right places. His black tee shirt was tight against his muscles and left nothing to imagination. My eyes made their way up to his face and I nearly died. No, really. His eyes wear stormy grey hidden under a thick set of eye lashes. His hair was jet black and carelessly ruffled atop of his head which made him look 10 times more handsome .
If I hadn't stopped breathing I most definitely did when he stopped speaking, sniffed the air and looked me straight in the eye.
The whole world seemed to completely vanish as we both said one particular word in sync.
A/ N
I'm supposed to be getting ready for school but who cares?
Anyway so hope you liked the first chapter. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think!
That's all for now,
(hey that rhymed:0 ;-))
P.S. Hopefully that wasn't cringe worthy enough to drive y'all away lol

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