The Sword Maiden

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Ravine SwordCleaver is known in her land as The Sword Maiden. But before that she was something else. She was a young women who lived in village of peace. Until the Ravagers came, thanks to the betrayal of one, and decimated her village, taking her mother and father captive. So now she hunts the one who betrayed them, knowing he is the key to rescuing her family. She will find him.

Fantasy / Adventure
Abby B
4.8 5 reviews
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Wasn't Meant to Be

I wasn’t meant to be a sword maiden.

But here I am, blocking a strike, the force of it ringing through my hands.

I didn’t think I’d ever fight the Ravagers the way I do now.

But here I am, crossing blades with one.

Never thought I’d have such dear friends.

But to my right fights Valeria and to my left battles Daxton.

I wasn't meant to or didn't think I'd ever become who I am today. But I am who I am. My name is Ravine SwordCleaver, and this is my story.

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