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Olivia and her friends discovered something extra ordinary in this adventure her brother also with her

Fantasy / Adventure
Rather James
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Chapter 1

Olivia is planning for going outside with her friends Emily, Kendal, April but she only had a doubt that how she would convince her parents for this, after so much thinking she decided to convince Tyler first because father is the only one who can convince Louise. She went to Tyler's room then Ryan saw her and said that "sorry intrupt you sis but father is busy, if you want to say something important then I will tell him" Olivia replied "no, thanks I will directly talk to him" Ryan ignored her and returned to his room. Ryan at his room thinking about what thing she want to say to the father, Is she want to complain about me? but suddenly he thought that its her matter so he should not wasting his precious time for this. so, he ignored this topic and back to his work and leaves his room and went to the kitchen and starts cooking food according to their choice for dinner. after finishing he called everyone for dinner and they came out from their room they saw that table is fully decorated and their food according to their choice is situated infront of their place. they took their chair and start eating and they started some conversation Tyler said to Olivia "hey, Olive why don't you celebrate your vacation with your friends. you can.." Louise interiors Tyler and said "hello! mister Tyl don't you think that she is not mature enough for this.." Olivia cut her line and said "mom I am 18 now " Louise becomes angry and yells at Olivia "what is this behavior Olive " Tyler stops her and said "this is dictatorship Louise let her enjoy her life" Louise yells at Tyler "please stop giving me advice on parenting skills because you spoiled her by giving so much freedom to stop giving me advice OK" and the argument begins between Tyler and Louise and Olivia and Ryan ignored them and concentrating to eat after finishing his food he washed his hands and he stops them and said (in very much dissapointed mood) "please finish your food and then you all starts your conversation" finally they finished their food but their argument still happening but Olivia some escape from this and lock herself in her room. Ryan knocked the door gently but no response then he called her but rejected then he texted her that he would not scold her only he wants a simple conversation with her after she saw his text she opened his door and he entered her room and said "what's the matter" she said "nothing much just want to hangout with friends" he listened to her and hold her hand and he brought her in front them and stops their argument and said (in polite way) "please,try to listen to me she wants to celebrate vaccation with her friends then let her give a chance" Louise said ( in normal way) "okay lets assume I give her a chance but what will happen if anything worst stuation occurs who will take the responsibility" Tyler agreed to her Olivia also think think about this and thought maybe she is right. Then Ryan said "I will take the responsibility" all of them surprised and said "if you will responsibility then who will take maintain the households" and he replied "I already solved this problem in my absence I hired a butler for this". after so much discussion they finally agreed with him.

In the morning Ryan practicing his combat training and Tyler is also planning for vacation and convincing Louise for that let her give herself a break and let her manager to manage her industry. she agreed with him Olivia woke up and finished her morning works like brush and when Ryan almost getting ready to make suddenly Louise and Tyler stop him and said "you always make breakfast and everything don't you feel tired so you can rest now because our vacation also started so you will guard your sister in her adventure as you said yesterday"

then, in afternoon Olivia called her friends in conference Emily recommends her to go for camping and Kendal and April also agreed with her and Olivia also agreed with her and she told this to Louise and Tyler. he convinced her and they packed Olivia bag and Ryan packed his bag and Louise called her son to take out the jaguar f pace and he take out the from his garage to there maingate he picked Olivia and she told her destination to him


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