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The Aura

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Raquesis would do what he could to prove his legacy and make a mark in life but also show his power and that he was no weakling

Fantasy / Scifi
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when our world was still new the primordial forces raged the people of this world pleaded through the breaking earth and crashing waves but the primordial of aura, the living force eventually saw their suffering and he offered himself as a sacrifice so the people and all living things power would flow through them making himself one with all living things but also giving up his himself

Many eons later, Raquesis woke up he was experiencing it again his dreams which where a sign he was gaining something his trait what his aura power would preside over in life, in his dream, he saw a young baby that cried then laughed, The dreams former where similar, A person who was happy then sad then mad then confused, seeing these dreams he drew to a conclusion his power was emotions. was what was strange to him, was something that bred into their noble house a trait that his ancestor had and passed on similar traits to his descendants. A servant woke Raquesis up "My lord the servant said happily" "h-hello'' said Raquesis it was Cucorme a boy with pink hair in a button up causal shirt and jeans , friend more than a servant and around his age 17 honestly he didn't even do much chores since the royal family was self sufficient he was a bit surprised that he was waking him up. "Where is everyone" Raquesis sigh, "downstairs your eldest sibling ,Solaris is back from his diplomatic mission in Terralune" Said Cucorme

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