The Aura

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Chapter 1

Raquesis hastened his movements to get out quickly he loved his brother Solaris and was close to him he moved with great speed down stairs he almost bumped his younger brother. "Watch it!" exclaimed the younger child it was his brother , Glacies. "Sorry". said Raquesis said. There he was fine and talking to their parents. I came as soon as I heard you where here ! , he said gleefully. "How are you" Solaris spoke in a calm but excited tone. They hugged how did everything go ? , Raquesis asked he had always loved to hear what his brother did as he traveled he sat beside his Father and Mother listening to all the things the sights the sounds and the negotiations and his visit to a monastery Raquesis always longed to visit one but his Aura had not settled on a trait until now. He wanted to tell them but some other inner part told him wait for it

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