Vampire blood's half-immortals

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" Amaira, you aren't supposed to hurt me !!! " I smirked " Believe me, I can-can save you and your kind, they need me " His Voice was shattered while his eyes are begging me to leave him. but that can't be possible. "Save it, when we will meet in hell" I wink at him evilly. I crushed his heart, enjoying the groans and screams from his mouth. I laughed darkly. " I think that's enough sister," Athan said running behind me, as he stood inches away from the dead body with blood sprawled across the wild grass " Don't tempt me " I warned the deadman. ~~~ Legends say that your death has already been decided even before you step into the Earth, and sixteen-year-old Athan and Amaira are the perfect examples because there are some people who desperately wanted to kill them at any cost from even before they were born. But there are three things that killers weren't completely aware of. First, Their intelligence and power. Second, They are heirs of the biggest and strongest vampire family in the world. Third, is God-king has literally written their fates by his own hands. And you guys know what is the fun fact?!! That even Athan and Amaira didn't know about these things. So what will happen, when ordinary twin kids will learn the truth that they are half-immortals (half-human and a half-vampire) who are born for the sake of humans and creatures.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The year 2000, September 13

Mom, dad, and I walk quietly in the middle of the night in the forest with our master and his hundreds of slaves.

God knows where.

We are also slaves but according to our master we are very special to him, I don't know but none of us have enough courage to ask him anything.

And I have no problems if he is being nice to us than the other ones.

Other slaves live in a small dirty room that has no window just a door and it gets open once a day to give them food, it's very horrifying just to image their condition.

And on the other hand, we have our personal cabin not big but neither dirty nor without windows and I am very glad about it.

As much as I know is that my mother is a personal maid of master and my father is a cook, I am only 14 so I just help them in their works.

But our master is really generous, he is taking all the expenses of my study on his hands. After the master, I am the only one who can write, read, and speak and also a sword fighting and other self-defense.

My mother once said that our master always has the purpose of doing something and it's our responsibility to help him.

But one thing I found strange about our master that he never relieved his true identity or face, I was always curious to see what he is hiding behind that mask he wore.

But like they say curiosity killed the cat, and I don't want to be that cat, I heard a cry of a girl who fell onto the broken tree.

Well, I really can't blame her, it's so dark here that anyone could fall we are just walking on the lead of flashlight that is in the hand of our master.

"She is bleeding, Master, what to do now?" It's my mother's voice, she knows that that girl needs medical help but we are not even allowed to eat food without the master's permission.

"I hate weak people because they started to cry even before problems arise if I haven't needed to gift it to him I must have killed you so bandage her" He replied coldly and suddenly shiver run down in my skin.

What does the hell master mean by a gift for who? I read in my school books about gifting the blood to the devil in the middle of the night to get underworld's superpowers but anything like that really exists in the first place? Does it mean he is going to kill us, he is going to do some kind of vodo by gifting the blood to the demon?

If yes, then I have to aware of this to mom and dad in some way but how? I can't do this in front of the master or else he if knows that I get the feeling of what is going to happen then I am sure he will brutally kill my whole family.

"You seem worried about something, Jolly" Master's cold voice spoke up, taking me away from my thoughts.

"No-No I am fine, thanks for asking" I reply, looking down at my walking feet.

"If there's anything running in your little naive brain then spit it out before it's getting too late to change," He said with a smirk in his tone.

"There's nothing, master, I swear"

"That's good then, keep your eyes on the ground to avoid falling" He slightly pats my back, this is the first time I lied to him and I am sensing that it will take me in no good way.

After a long hour walk, we finally arrive at our master's destination, it looks like a big abounded palace the door open with a sound that will burst my eardrums, it seems like no one came here in the last 100 century.

The more we walked further the more spooky and silence approached us, even the sound of an owl and other wild animals went as we left them behind.

"Here we are, I don't have time to explain everything but just remember three things don't speak until I say, don't touch anything and don't try to run away " And with that, he opens a door that leads us in the basement, more likely it was a secret room that was filled with gold and precious gems.

When everyone came into the room the door itself get closed with banged, Master sat in the middle of the room as he started chanting some mantras that I don't understand.

Out of somewhere, he removed the beautiful shiny long sword and cuts his palm, "What's say?" He asked someone.

"No? Then take this" He picked up a boy by his hair forcefully as he cuts his neck and threw him on the ground. Some slaves let out terrific groans in fear.

My parents dragged me behind them to not let me see the terrible scene but I think its too late because I saw it very clearly.

"Didn't like it, what about this?" He pulls a woman may be the same age as Mother, she pleaded master to leave her but he listened to nothing.

And within a single swing, he removed the head of that woman from her body.

"Mother!!!!!!" Her daughter cried out as she fell on her knees. He isn't my master anymore he turned into a bloodthirsty monster.

One by one in front of my eyes he killed almost everyone in different ways and so many dead bodies are lying on the floor. Only my parents and I were left.

"Not enough?! These are my special slaves and you want me to kill them as well? Fine if that's what satisfies you" He mumbled to himself.

He dragged my father, "Master please no don't hurt him" my mother begged and I hated it, but he didn't give damn as he stabbed the blade in my father's stomach.

And suddenly a voice rang in the room in echo, "I am very much impressed of you, Son"

"My God, My King, I am so happy that you are finally here" Master spoke up.

"Yes, you gifted me more than I would have imagined. Ask what you want" Another strange voice was deep and terrifying enough.

"I wanted to rule this world so give me enough power" I didn't expect this from the master, he is so greedy and mean.

"Unfortunately, I can't do"

"But, why?"

"Because Gods wrote the fate of two half-immortal by themselves, and they are going to rule this world for a long period of time more then you can imagine" He explains but still I didn't understand anything.

"No that's cannot be possible there should be some way," He said in disbelief.

"Of course, as I said they are half-immortals and it's too easy to kill such creatures especially when they are in their childhood but if you failed then forgot your dreams"

He thought something for a moment, " I don't understand why gods choose such weak creatures to rule this world?" He asked.

"To save humanity and their own race, pureblood creatures can't do both things they will only choose their own races"

"So Can you give me a weapon to protect myself from them?"

"Yes, but remember don't use it on innocents"

And with that the voiced vanished and again room filled with silence. I know what I have to do to take the revenge of my father.

I need to save the half-immortals to stop master his intentions are no good for the world before he turns around, I took the sword that was on master's hand that it was covered with the blood of innocents slaves.

I stab it in his back, he falls forward on his knee as he let out a scream, he turns his head and I saw the disbelief in his eyes like he didn't expect me.

"You deserve this, master" I yelled in frustration.

He laughed and stood up on his legs as nothing happened, and a wave of confusion rush on my face.

"You think that you will kill me, Naive?" He said, " I trusted you but I hate people who stab my back and you are one of them now get ready to die"

Suddenly, He removed a sword, and to save me my mom jumped in the middle of us, "Run, my son, Run!!!!" She shouted to me, I took a last glance of my mother she was holding the hand of a master and he kicked her on stomach and I just run away from there.

While tears are making there way out of my eyes.

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