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Annoying love lust

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This all started for my desperateness for kiss. He brought the biggest turning point in my life. Is my life going to become a hell or it’s gonna be more fun ahead? I am confused. Should I accept him? I actually want him but still i feel a bit hesitant. I just want to go on with the flow of my life and don’t want to regret it but i also don’t want to hurt people.

Fantasy / Romance
Kitty Seraphine
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Let’s get introduced

Chapter 1

I am feeling happy today. My exams are going to start today and I just can’t wait to meet my friends after the break given for the preparation of the exam.
“Good morning my little princess.“, my mom lovingly said to me. I didn’t wake up. My mom opened the curtains of my room, so the light was flashing right on my face. I opened my eyes with a hand on it, blocking the sunlight from entering in my eye.
“Wake up honey! You will be late for the school.”, she said.
I sat on the bed leaning against the headboard and inhaled the fresh air.
There was some tasty smell coming from down the kitchen,my mom made me a delicious breakfast.
After completing it, I went to the bathroom to take a warm shower. Fully excited for my day.
“Sweetie make it a little quicker” my mom yelled from the kitchen while doing some work, I quickly responded, getting out of the bathroom, “I will be ready in five minutes."
I then opened the closet to see what I should wear, I took out light grey jeans and a blue-colored crop top, I put on some mascara and my pink lip gloss. I have already packed my bag at night. I was then finally ready by putting my sneakers on and I let my hair stay as it is as I have short hair which hardly touches my jawline.
I am getting a little nervous as I have a Physics exam and I hate it. I think I am not gonna score well this time but still, I am nervous as I hardly passed my last Physics’ exam.
I went downstairs to the kitchen and said, “Bye Mumma, see ya soon.” - She smiled.
I grabbed my car keys from the drawer and went to the parking place.I don’t have any issues related to money as I own a bike and a car.
As she saw me grabbing the car keys, she said, “Don’t forget the belt sweetie”- I nodded.
I got into the car and drove to school. Thank god! There was no traffic on the way.
I parked in the parking lot and stepped out. I saw people around me talking, excited and nervous about the exam.
As expected, my best friends were waiting for me at the school gate, and as always I am the last one and the late one among them.
Charlie is wearing a grey shirt with black jeans. He looks extremely sexy in it, and Stacy is standing just next to him leaning against the wall wearing a hot red dress. She is the perfect girl in the school, that can make anyone fall for her. But she is lesbian. So kinda boys get a little annoyed at her as she is super hot but no one can touch her.
“Finally our latecomer arrived” - Charlie announced while pouting. He is an ‘always be on time’ boy.
“Sorry, bro.” - I said, placing a cute kiss on his cheek. He smirked.
We have thought about dating but never did and I think he is just the perfect best friend. Many girls get jealous of me but I don’t care.
I love him and he is my best friend. I love both of them and they are both my best friends.
“If you guys are over then we can go inside as we also need to give an exam” - Stacy said.
I rolled my eyes, answered, “whatever”.
“By the way, Maril are you ready for physics?” - Stacy asked, giving me a nervous look. Her face made me more nervous.
“Not so sure” - I answered silently. Charlie was staring at me as I am a huge monster going to eat him alive with eyes wide open.
“Is there something on my face, Charlie?” - I asked him, giving a confused look.
Then I realized that he wasn't staring at me. He was looking at the girl behind me, a little away from me.
She is the most popular girl in the school and is standing with her bullies gang, just like a barbie doll with perfect straight blonde hair. Grey eyes that look soulless and she usually has an off way to address people, as she mostly uses words like ‘human’, ‘mundane’. As if she isn’t a human.
Her name is Valerie.
“Nothing is wrong with your face but something is wrong with her face.” - Charlie answered me in a little fearful tone, pointing towards her.
I looked behind to see what was wrong. She is coming towards me with an angry expression on her face.
I am in no mood to fight with that bitch. But let’s see it.
“What the shit is going between you guys?” - She asked me with a disgusting look on her face.
Oh, I forgot she has a crush on Charlie, and she might have seen me kissing him on his cheek. I am not afraid of her.
“Do you mean this?” - I asked while placing again a kiss on his cheek. I just wanted to see the face she’s making right now, getting frustrated, and I liked it.
Charlie was smirking at me. Vallerie just walked away. She is the biggest slut of the group so I think she doesn’t get affected by it but still, I don’t know.
Stacy looking at her watch said, “let’s go guys we will be late for the exam.” - I nodded.
We went to our assigned classes and settled in our seats. I entered the room with nervousness.
My exam was quite hard. but I think I am at least gonna get 75% in the exam. I am so tired now.
As I came out of the room I saw Vallerie standing near the wall which stood in front of the room. I gave her an annoyed look, but she just smiled at me while giving a signal with her hand to her gang.
In her gang, there are five stupid asses. First comes her following bitch, Rosie. She is tall, black hair with blue highlights at the end. She has all the features of a slut. We can easily make out from her way of talking.
But whatever, I don’t care. I hate her. Sometimes I feel that Vallerie and Rosie are lesbians as they are always together...
Then comes Stefan, Mike, Jekaul, and Katherine.
Stefan, the sexist guy among them. His deep green eyes easily hypnotize anyone, with a magnificent voice, and I like his music band; but he’s a little annoying guy.
Mike, doesn’t have that good looks but he is the smartest among those slut and to be honest, he isn’t a slut he has his own choice and different ways of getting pleasure. He has an average height, black eyes and black hair that looks dashing on him.
Jekaul is a cute guy but he is heartless and rude. He is hot and his abs are the best in school, he can easily make anyone fall for him. I don’t wanna mention him more, but I just love his eyes and his lips. He is the best kisser according to my point of view or else I don’t know.
I want to feel him but Nah!! What am I thinking? Feeling the guy who let his gang bully me...Nooo!
Her gang came towards me and stood there, blocking my way. I was tired and in no mood of a fight, 5 versus 1. Katherine was absent as her father is in the hospital. She is an innocent girl, I don’t know much about her.
“Hey, what’s up little slut?” - said Rosie. Seriously, I felt like she was calling ME slut. Has she lost her mind?
“Please don’t address people with a title that suits you but it needs a correction. It should be ‘big slut’.” - I simply told her, narrowing my eyes.
Suddenly I noticed Jekaul,standing a little far from these guys. This was the weirdest thing, and it was opposite to his manipulative nature that he never harassed me or bullied me. The most shocking thing for me.
“Shut up!” - Rosie annoyingly answered.
I can’t help but laugh at her reaction. Stefan grabbed my hand and pulled me closer, we were standing at the end of the lobby as my class was the last one. It was a little dark here, he pushed me against the wall and I tried to fight back.
He was standing so close that I could smell his scent, it was intoxicating but … yuck, his mouth smells like shit!
I pushed him back, but he tried to come even closer. I suddenly felt a hand go down from my waist to my butt. Is thinking of having sex with me??? Nooo. I slapped him and twisted his hand.
By now Rosie and Vallerie left, they got bored.
He smirked at me.
Now Mike came, held my hands tight and pushed me to the ground, he was all over me. He ripped my T-shirt.
I could feel the rage building up in me. I punched his face, I can say that it was a bit harsh, still he didn’t stop and started kissing me all over my body starting with my lips. I struggled to move away from him but he is a strong guy, I felt his hand moving down on my back. He wants to open my bra.
Now they are crossing their limits. I moved a little awkwardly to signal him that this is enough but he didn’t get it.
Seeing all this Jekaul came to us. His face was a little sad seeing me like this, I guess. He came near us and pulled Mike away from me holding his collar tightly.
“That’s enough” - he said to Mike.
Mike frowned at him, Stefan was standing there like a puppet. I suddenly stood up as he was pulled away from me.
Mike was smirking, Jekaul pushed him aside and gave me his jacket. But why???
“Sorry” - he whispered in my ear. He was so close that I could feel his warm breaths against my neck.
“Why do you even care?” - I asked, raising my brows. Why would he care about it? He is not less than those guys because he doesn't do anything but he also never stopped them.
“Whatever” - he said rolling his eyes. I rushed to the bathroom.
It didn’t affect me a lot as I have gone through the worst; but the thing which upsets me is why just Jekaul keeps standing away like a useless person? But why do I care? I don’t know, but I feel differently for Jekaul.
I grabbed the pair of extra clothes from my locker, fixed my makeup and made my way out.
Stacy and Charlie are looking for me. I am not going to tell this to them because if he got to know about this then he is going to kill them. And I don’t want him to fight with them for this.
“Where were you all this time?” - Stacy asked me, pulling into a bear hug. She is so overprotective and always says to us that we don't know about the real world and their creatures yet.
“What happened to your clothes?” - she asked me, giving a confusing look. We pulled apart.
“I went to the canteen looking for you guys and an idiot ran into me and spilled his strawberry shake on my shirt” - I said rolling my eyes. I lied straight to their faces. I hate it. I hate to lie to them but no I don’t want to ruin their day.
“Talking of canteen, can we go there as I am very hungry” - Charlie said, rubbing his stomach. We both nodded.
We took our lunch and after some talks, we went home. I then drove to my dance classes. My family didn’t know anything about my classes as I know they will make a deal about it.
Ms. Green was waiting for me. I am her best student and she loves me. She has always been my best friend, and she says that I should call her by her name but on another hand, she is also my teacher so I always address her as ‘Ms. Green’.
“Hi, dear” - she said smiling. I smiled back at her.
“We are going to start your duet dance practice” - she said to me. I gave her a confusing look.
I have always done solo only and I don’t like sharing the stage with anyone.
“I have a partner for you.” - she said.
“Who?” - I asked her with a little bit of excitement.
A man walked in, wearing a military green colored shirt and a black track, he looked hot.
“Jekaul!!!” - I heard someone screaming excitedly. What? Why is he here? Damn it.
She quickly ran towards him and hugged him, I don’t know why but I didn’t like their hug or in general them, being so close. Whatever.....
“How are you Aunt?” - he asked her with a huge smile on his face. Ohh she was his aunt.
“I told you that I have already chosen a very hot dance partner. She’s there” - she said pointing towards me.
Am I hot? Oh my god now this is going to create problems, I don’t want anybody to know that I went to dancing class and now he will be my partner for the dance.
“She looks just as good as you told” - he said, smirking at me.
“Hey Maril! He is going to be your partner” - she said. What? Seriously why? He is so annoying.
I opened my lips to say something, but nothing came out of my mouth so I just nodded to her.
“Can I talk to him in person?” - I asked her. His smirk grew bigger. We stood in the corner of the room, while he was staring at me like a stupid.
“Hey Jekaul, can we keep this dance thing a secret?” - I hesitantly asked him. Ignoring my question he was still staring at me so I cleared my throat to make him feel my presence.
“W-what you said?” - he asked insanely.
“Are now done staring me like a fool then only I repeat it?” - I asked. He took a step closer. I felt my cheeks burn red. I felt the heat radiating from my body.
“Ok speak now” - he replied. I repeated my question.
“It will be a secret if you come to my party tonight.” - he said. Has he lost his mind? I nodded as I didn’t have a choice. I don’t want to go to his damn party but if I didn’t, he might tell somebody about it.
“But you won’t tell anyone about this!!?” - I said, giving him a warning look.
“Ok deal” - he said, shaking his hand with mine.
I want him to never stop touching me. I wanted to taste him. I then snapped back to reality. Stop it, Maril!! Don’t! I felt like my consciousness was fighting with my subconsciousness.
“Can I bring some company?” - I asked. He frowned.
Pulling me closer, he said, “I am going to be there at the party; still, you need company.” He has lost his mind for sure.
My eyes got widened. He continued seeing my reaction, “If you have then you can bring” - I nodded.
“Party is tonight at 8 o’clock at my mansion,” - he said, wearing a huge smile.
I again nodded. I am confused about what to say.
A voice came from a little far, “Are you guys done? Then let’s dance.” -it’s Ms.Green.
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