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chapter 1

The alarm went off with the all too familiar unpleasing sound i knew so well. it was a sound i had come to relate with: school, work, and every other life stressing jobs.

My next, very pleasant( note the sarcasm) morning greeting came from my little sister Rose, whose interpretation of “Rose dear, go wake your sister” is to rip the blankets off my bed andclamp pillow over my head, while repeatedly saying “Wake up! Raine”.

“Rose, stop it will you!” I yelled at her, grabbing the pillow and throwing it at her in a vain attempt to hit her, but unsuprisingly with my blurry sleepy eyes successfully knocked over my paintbrush sending them scattering in the floor.

And i groaned, Just great! as if i already didn’t have enough to do this morning.

“No, i won’t!” yelled rose in her famous high pitched, perky voice.” Mummy said to-”

“I heard what she said” I butted in, while rubbing the sleep from my eyes and failing to suppress a yawn.

“so come on! hurry up!” yelled rose.

“Ugh- why can’t you guys just eat without me, i don’t necessarily fancy breakfast”

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” said rose, quoting our mother.

I swear sometimes when rose was around, it was like having a mini-version of mom home,she also looked like her too with long auburn hair that coiled at the tips, and glassy green eyes. I looked so different from the two of them, with my wavy black hair and bright blue irises. I always figured I must have gotten my looks from my father, though I couldn’t know for sure as I’d never met the man.

“Fine, i’m coming just get going”

“Morning mum” I greeted as i passed to go get water from the fridge.

“Morning dear!” she replied.

After i was done with my breakfast, i went towards the garage to take out my sweet baby a.k.a{ Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Rs.} and had to wipe out little amount of dust as it’s been a while i’ve used it.

Getting on it, i started the bike to hear the usual smooth purr of the engine.I drove out of my house towards the cafe.

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