The Faet Within

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Chapter 7


The next morning, Austin wakes up and makes his way into the kitchen. He starts up the coffee maker, sighing deeply. The effects of the cold shower only lasted for so long, his dream about her left him with an aching erection that he wasn't awake enough to deal with yet. Hopefully she will sleep for long enough that he wouldn't be caught with it.

He rubs the sleep from his eyes, grabbing a mug before pouring himself a cup of coffee. How is he going to get through the next month without touching her? Without finding out what it feels like hearing her moan his name? He takes his mug back to his bedroom to get ready for the day.

When he comes back out after getting dressed, he walks to the kitchen to start making breakfast. He's almost done when he hears her door open. He turns around and meets her gaze, smirking. "Good morning, Princess."

Austin has to fight a smile when he sees the blush take over her skin. "Would you like some breakfast? I made plenty."

He pours some of the eggs onto a plate for her after she takes a seat, having nodded, apparently unable to speak yet this morning. He makes his own plate, putting bacon on both of their plates. He sits next to her, chancing some glances in her direction. Somehow she looks even more attractive when she's just woken up.

Austin feels his phone buzzing in his pocket, pulling it out to look to see who was calling. He rolls his eyes when he sees it's Kennet. He sends it to voicemail, not feeling up to talking to his older brother. He smiles tightly at Isobel, "I have to head into the office but make yourself at home."

He stands, washing his plate before turning around. "I should be back before dinner but I'll let you know if that changes."

She gives him a small smile that he easily returns, "Thanks Austin. Do you care if I bring in some plants? This is a lot barer than I'm used to."

Austin nods, "Of course, like I said, make yourself at home." The smile she gives him almost takes his breath away. He takes a deep breath, nodding to her before walking out of the flat.

He climbs into his car, driving away. The Bluetooth in his car starts going off, telling him another one of his brothers is trying to get ahold of him. He rolls his eyes, ending the call before speeding off to work.

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