The Faet Within

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Chapter 10


Isobel takes a deep breath as the car steadily makes its way back up to the nearly breakneck speeds they had been travelling at on their way to the track. The vibrations alone had almost made her cum on the ride there, she wasn't sure if she'd be able to keep herself from falling over that ledge on the way home.

She bites her lip to keep from moaning as the wind whips through her hair, sending chills up and down her spine. The faster Austin pushes the car, the faster her heart beats in her chest, sure that the only reason he couldn't hear it was because of the wind. Swallowing hard, she closes her eyes, hoping it will help her from completely falling apart.

They take a sharp curve, causing Isobel to reach out and grab his hand. When they straighten out she smiles nervously, enjoying the warmth of his hand wrapped around hers.

There was a part of her, one that was growing in size and strength, that wanted nothing more than to pull his warm hand down to her center. To show him how excited and turned on she was. She can feel how damp her panties are becoming thanks to the vibration, speed, and the warmth that radiates from his hand.

Isobel attempts to concentrate on anything but what was turning her on, but by the time they get back to the flat, she's a quivering mess of nerves and arousal. How was she supposed to get through their meal without taking him on the kitchen table?

As soon as they get inside, she excuses herself. She walks to the bathroom, splashing cold water on her face and neck. This was going to be a long evening.

Making her way back into the kitchen, Isobel smiles softly at Austin as he dishes out their takeaway. "Sorry about that."

His face breaks out into a smile that worms its way into her heart, and her cunt. It was a smile that she didn't think he even realized his face made. All she knew was that she had seen that smile more than a few times that day and each time it reached more of his eyes.

Their dinner is spent talking and laughing, just enjoying each other's company. Isobel's desire was only slightly sated by the cold water and had only increased as she got to know Austin. By the time they were heading to bed, she knew her panties might as well be ruined with how wet they were, and she was surprised her outfit didn't show signs of her arousal.

Isobel bids Austin a good night before walking to her room, pulling her clothes off once she gets inside. Her nipples are hard and aching for his warm hands to massage them, her pussy drenched from the thought of his mouth on her slit.

She climbs into her bed naked, knowing the only way to sleep would be to satiate her desire.

Isobel starts by massaging her own breasts, moaning softly as she pulls on her own nipples, spikes of pleasure shooting to her core. Her hand moves down to her wet slit, coating her fingers in her juices before sliding them over her throbbing clit. Incoherent moans slip out of her mouth as she slides a finger deep into her cunt, curling it to better hit her g-spot. She adds another finger as the butt of her hand rubs against her clit, eliciting louder moans out of her. Isobel moves her hand faster, pinching her nipple tightly as she feels herself get closer to her orgasm. It only takes a few minutes more before her back is arching off the bed in her much needed release.

She breathes heavily as she comes back down from her high, her chest rising and falling rapidly. As she falls asleep, her brain registers a sound outside her door but chooses to ignore it in favor of much deserved sleep.


Austin watches as she walks to her room, her hips swaying as she moves. He could tell she had been turned on by the drive and part of him had been hoping that it would cause her to make the first move, but unfortunately he was still sitting at the table due to a hard on that had been developing throughout the evening.

He throws their trash away, putting their dishes in the sink. Making his way down the hallway, he hears noises coming from her room. Curious, he puts his ear to the wood of the door and is met with the most arousing sound he has ever heard. Her moans are targeted straight at his cock and they do a fine job of making him so hard it's painful.

Austin can't help but take his cock in hand, stroking himself to the sounds of her breathy moans. He grips the door frame in support as he moves his fist faster in time with her moans. She has the voice of an angel as she cums, her moans so beautiful it only takes a few more pumps of his hand and he's cumming too, biting into his fist to keep from making too much noise.

When he comes back down, he finds his forehead against the door. He makes his way to his room, cleaning himself before climbing into bed. Falling asleep, he hopes to himself that he doesn't manage to screw this up.

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