The Faet Within

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Chapter 12


That kiss. Holy shit that kiss! He has never been more aroused by a kiss alone. What was she doing to him? He cleans up before heading to bed.

Austin is awakened by the sound of his door opening and closing. "Isobel? Is that you?"

His question is answered when she climbs onto his bed and straddles him, pulling him into a kiss. He groans, pulling her closer. He slides his hands down her sides and gasps, "You're naked..." It wasn't a question, but it was certainly a surprise.

A smile lights up her face as she pulls him into another kiss. His hands slide over her cool skin, settling on her breasts. Austin feels her hands move down to his hardening cock, making him growl. After a few strokes she pulls him into heaven, at least that's how it feels when she wraps her velvety-soft walls around his length.

He isn't able to hold back for long, moving them so he is above her. Austin kisses her deeply, his hips moving faster as he gets closer to release. "Fuck, Isobel!" He feels her cunt tighten around him, milking him. He finds his release, burying his face in her neck.

The next morning Austin wakes with a painful erection, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Was every morning going to be like this? He climbs out of bed to get ready for the day, turning the water in the shower on. He climbs under the spray, leaning his head against the cold tile.

A cold shower and wank later, Austin walks out of his room to get some coffee before heading out to the track. When he walks out, he sees Isobel curled up in one of the chairs with a book and a cup of coffee. He smiles as he grabs a cup, leaning against the kitchen island to watch her. There's just something about the sparkle in her crystal blue eyes that makes his heart pound.

He clears his throat when he realizes what time it is, chuckling as she startles. "Sorry... I just wanted to let you know I'm leaving. I'll be home at my usual time..."

Isobel nods, a cute blush creeping its way up her face. "Okay. I'll see you then. I'm thinking of making spaghetti."

Austin smiles warmly, "That sounds great."

He walks out to his car and makes his way to the track. He walks into his office and sits down at his desk.

"Good morning Renee."

Renee spins around in her chair, "Good morning, Austin. How's Isobel?" She grins expectantly.

Austin takes a deep breath, "We kissed last night."

"Shut up! No way! How was it?" Renee's chair is across the room in seconds.

Austin laughs, "Great? I'm not sure what you're looking for. Needless to say I was left with a raging boner and a dream that is seared into my brain."

Renee chuckles, "I need to hear details so I can have a wet dream of my own. I don't know what she looks like, but I can only imagine."

All of a sudden, Lorna walks in, looking between them. "What's so funny? Aussy's sex life?"

Renee snickers as Austin rolls his eyes. "Thanks Lorna, charming as ever. What can I do for you?"

Lorna leans against his desk, crossing her arms. "Just came to drop off the concept art for the car." She drops the folder on his desk. "So what are you going to do about your feelings for Isobel?"

Austin sighs, "I'm not sure what my feelings are for Isobel, let alone what I should do with them."

Renee rolls her eyes, "That's easy. Take her to dinner. Go on a date, a proper date. You've been getting to know her, but it's been in your flat."

"Yeah, Aussy, show her a good time..." Lorna wiggles her eyebrows making Austin and Renee laugh.

Austin holds his hands up, chuckling. "Fine. I'll take her out."

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