The Faet Within

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Chapter 13


Isobel looks through her closet for the dozenth time in 30 minutes. She finally settles on a spaghetti strap v-neck floral print dress that has a black bodice and a white skirt. She sets it aside as she sits in front of her vanity to do her makeup. She curls her hair so it gently falls down her back before pulling her dress on. She pulls on a pair of strappy heels, not that the height will get her anywhere near Austin's 6'2.

She walks into the living room and smiles when she sees Austin. When he came home from work the day before he asked her on a proper date, and she has been looking forward to it ever since. Maybe this meant he was coming around to the idea of them being together.

A blush creeps up Isobel's face when Austin grins at seeing her. "It's not too much is it?"

"Not at all, Isobel. It's perfect." Austin offers his hand to Isobel, "Let's go."

Isobel takes his hand happily, walking out to his car with him. The drive to the restaurant is exhilarating but doesn't get to her like the ride to the track did. She looks around when they get to their destination and she notices that they're at the most exclusive restaurant in London. There is a line around the block and paparazzi at the entrance. The valet helps her out of the car and she is immediately bombarded with flashes from the cameras. She smiles up at Austin when he comes around the car, taking his arm as they walk in.

They are immediately seated at a table and Austin orders them a bottle of wine. Isobel can't help but smile as she looks at the menu.

They're halfway through dinner when Isobel sees a figure walking up to their table. "Isobel?"

She looks up and is shocked when she sees her ex, "Brandon... wow, hi! It's been, what?"

"5 years." Brandon answers, looking her up and down.

"Yeah... Brandon, this is Austin..." Isobel gestures to Austin, hoping to remove Brandon's lecherous eyes from her body.

Brandon turns to face Austin, "Oh hey, we actually go way back. Went through University together."

Austin is stone-faced as he nods, "Hey."

Isobel arches her eyebrow but shrugs it off, remembering how much of an ass Austin had been when they first met.

"Well, it was nice seeing you, but if you don't mind..." Isobel gestures to their dinner, hoping he'll pick up that they're on a date.

Brandon looks at their table, "Oh, of course. My apologies. See you guys around."

Isobel takes a breath of relief as he walks away, "Man, I'm glad he's gone. I honestly don't know what I ever saw in him."

Austin chuckles, making her muscles relax a bit. "If I had known I probably would have warned you."

Isobel laughs, "If only. I found out after about 6 months of us dating, that we hadn't actually been dating. I had been his side piece." She rolls her eyes, taking another bite of her food.

Austin shakes his head, "You didn't deserve that."

Isobel shrugs, "I've lived through a lot worse."

Austin frowns, "I hope you don't find this question too personal, but what do you mean?"

She sighs, taking another drink of wine. "A few years ago, I was travelling when I met a man in Greece. We spent 4 months living in this mountainside hotel right on the coast, enjoying life, and each other..." Isobel blushes deeply as she looks at Austin, "I fell for him. One night after he had been gone for a few days, I told him that I loved him. I thought that he had been asleep, so he wouldn't remember. When I woke up..." Isobel takes a deep breath, tears stinging her eyes.

Austin takes her hand and squeezes it gently. Isobel smiles softly, returning the squeeze.

"Sorry. I've never actually talked about it. When I woke up, Andy and all of his things were gone. After moping for a while, I decided I was tired of playing the victim and went home. I've travelled since then, but I stayed away from handsome strangers. You're the first handsome stranger I've let myself get close to since then." Isobel quickly swipes the tear that had fallen from her cheek, taking another drink from her wine glass.

Austin smiles sadly at her, "I can't promise I won't do something to fuck this up, I seem to have a certain proclivity for it, but I can promise that I'll never do that."

Isobel looks into Austin's grey eyes, feeling the warmth from his hand spreading through her body. She clears her throat, "Thank you." She blushes softly, feeling that warmth settle deep in her stomach. "Let's have dessert back at the flat..."

Austin blinks before a smile spreads across his lips, "Sounds like a great idea." He pays their check and they walk back out to the curb as the car pulls up.

They walk into the flat and Isobel pulls her shoes off, tossing them aside before walking into the kitchen. She goes into the freezer and pulls out a pint of ice cream, making them both dishes. She hands his bowl to him, smiling softly. She takes a bite, watching Austin.

"About the kiss..."

Austin coughs, swallowing the spoonful he had in his mouth. "What about it?"

Isobel blushes, "I hope you didn't find it too forward... I had been wanting to do that and it just seemed like the right moment."

Austin chuckles, "You were anything but forward. Honestly, I had been waiting for you to make the first move."

Isobel chuckles, moving closer to him. "Well then I'm glad I did." She gazes into his eyes for a few seconds before she finds herself in his arms with his lips on hers. She returns the kiss eagerly, wrapping her arms around his neck.

She moans into his mouth as she feels his hands slide down her sides and over her ass. In seconds she has been lifted onto the counter. She moans softly as his lips move to her neck, sending shivers up and down her spine. She grips his arms as she feels his fingers slide up her inner thigh.

"Austin..." His groan sends waves of arousal straight to her core, soaking her panties. She reaches down between them, her hand sliding over the pronounced bulge in his pants.

Isobel groans when she hears a phone going off, "Of all the times..."

Austin chuckles as he reaches into his pocket, "Shit, sorry. It's my mum. I'll be right back." He pecks her lips before walking away.

Isobel takes a deep breath, using the space to clear her head. Was she ready for this? Sure, they're meant to be getting married, so chemistry is important. But they've only known each other for 2 weeks. She jumps down from the counter, cleaning up their dishes.

She walks into the living room, hearing Austin talking to his mother. She kisses his cheek, whispering "I'm going to bed."

Austin holds his phone away from his ear, "Isobel... please."

Isobel smiles, pulling him into a kiss. "It's okay. I don't regret it. I'm just tired. I'll see you in the morning."

Austin nods, pulling her into another kiss before she walks back to her bedroom.

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