The Faet Within

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Chapter 14


"For the last time, goodnight mum. I'll see you on Saturday night." Austin chuckles as he hangs up the phone, sighing deeply. Of all the times his mother could call and it was in the middle of a heated moment with Isobel. He walks to his room, smiling as he gets ready for bed.

The next morning, Austin goes into the kitchen and makes some coffee. When Isobel comes in still in her pajamas, he chuckles. "Good morning, gorgeous."

A beautiful blush takes over Isobel's face, he pulls her into his arms before placing a gentle kiss on her lips. "I'm sorry about last night. To make it up to you, I want to take you to a winery that I own with my brother Andrew. How does that sound?"

Isobel's face lights up and his heart swells, "That soundswonderful." She leans up on her toes to pull him into another kiss and he can't help but pull her against him. He wants to be as close to her as he can be.

"Let me just give Renee a heads up that I won't be coming in today." Isobel grins as he pulls out his phone to send Renee the message.

Isobel goes to change, coming out in an outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Austin clears his throat, praying his dick listens to him and doesn't act like a newly pubescent teenage boy. He takes her hand, walking out to the car. They speed off in the direction of the winery, Austin's hand on Isobel's thigh.

Austin feels her squeeze her thighs together as they get up over 100 mph, weaving through what little traffic there is.

After an hour, Austin is pulling off the motorway and Isobel is practically panting with arousal. As soon as they are stopped, he's being pulled into a deep kiss. Austin groans, sliding his hand up her side and into her hair.

"Can you show me to a restroom to freshen up?" Isobel is breathing heavily, their foreheads touching.

Austin chuckles, "Of course, love." He quickly climbs out of the car, taking her hand. They walk quickly to the restroom, Austin closing the door behind them. He pushes Isobel up against the wall, kissing her with everything in him.

He slides his hand up her inner thighs, growling when he finally gets to her apex and feels how wet she is. "Fuck, Isobel. Is this really all for me?"

She pulls him into another kiss as his fingers glide over her wet lips, caressing her clit. The moans he's eliciting from her are pure heaven and shoot straight to his groin. He moves his fingers faster, kissing and nipping at her neck.

Austin grins against her skin as she starts to whimper, begging him for more. He slides a finger inside her and it takes everything in him not to take her right then and there. "Jesus Isobel. You're so tight already. I can only imagine how good you'll feel wrapped around my cock."

Isobel whines, grinding her hips against his hand. "Please, Austin..."

Austin starts to move his finger, "I won't take you here. Our first time is going to be in a bed, making love all through the night. For now though..." He adds another finger, curling them so they hit her g-spot. Austin swallows her moans in a kiss, moaning himself when he feels her walls constrict around his fingers. He strokes her spasming walls through her orgasm, grinning as she comes down.

"God, you're so beautiful when you cum." Austin kisses her again, pulling his fingers out of her slowly. He pulls back just enough so she can watch him as he slides his fingers into his mouth to taste her. He keeps his eyes on hers as he sucks her juices off his fingers. He moans hungrily, sucking them clean.


Isobel shudders through the last remnants of her mind-blowing orgasm, watching him suck her juices of his fingers. When he's done, she pulls him into a hungry kiss, groaning at the taste of her on his lips.

"Fine. If you won't take me, at least let me return the favor." Isobel grins as she pushes him against the wall just as he had done. She kneels in front of him, kissing his length through his trousers. She unzips his pants, biting her lip as she pulls his cock out. Isobel licks the underside of his length from root to tip before taking him into her mouth.

"Fuck Isobel. How many times are you going to blow my mind today?" Isobel chuckles, feeling his hand slide into her hair. She sucks on his head slowly at first, teasing him before slowly pushing him into the back of her throat. She hears him curse as she bobs her head along his length.

"Ah! Jesus Isobel, that feels incredible... Don't stop..."

Isobel sucks hard on his length, massaging his balls as she does.

"Fuck, Isobel... If you don't stop..." Isobel doesn't let him finish, using her free hand to stroke the part of his cock that didn't fit in her mouth. She wants his cum more than anything in this moment. She feels his grip tighten as well as his balls as his dick becomes even more rigid.

Isobel swallows him down eagerly as his cum shoots into her throat. She sucks on him until nothing more is coming out, grinning madly as she pulls away.

When she looks up at him, he's panting heavily and grinning like a madman.

"That was better than I could have ever imagined. And trust me, I've imagined and dreamt plenty."

Isobel giggles, standing up. "I've dreamt about you too..."

Austin's eyebrows shoot up, "Really?"

Isobel nods, biting her lip. He pulls her into a deep kiss, eliciting more giggles from her.

After their tryst in the bathroom, the rest of the winery is relatively boring. Austin takes her out to the vineyard, showing her the part he knew she would enjoy. She walks up to one of the vines and runs her fingers over the leaves. She smiles as she creates an identical vine, imbuing it with magic. "This will never wilt or fade." She wraps it around his wrist, kissing his hand before smiling up at him.


Isobel spends all day Saturday baking out of nerves. That night they are going to have dinner with his family and she was surprisingly nervous. She jumps when she feels his arms wrap around her waist. "I'm sorry... I don't know why I'm so nervous. I mean, I've met over half of your family."

She feels him chuckle as he kisses her neck, "I understand, love. I'll be there the whole time and won't let go of your hand if that will make you feel better."

Isobel smiles, sighing softly. "It does. Thank you." She turns in his arms and kisses him deeply. She's hoping this night will finally be the night. The night before when they got home, they had stayed up talking so late she had fallen asleep. She's been kicking herself all day that she let that happen.

When it's time to get ready, Isobel pulls on a tight, high-waisted pink skirt and a lacey crop top that still manages to cover her skin. She curls her hair so that it falls in loose waves around her shoulders before doing her makeup. She slides into a pair of pink pumps before walking out to join Austin.

Isobel blushes when she sees his reaction to her, biting her lip nervously. "I think I'm ready."

The ride to his parents' is long, but she isn't able to enjoy it because of her nerves. When they finally arrive, she climbs out of the car, gripping Austin's hand.

They make their way inside and a butler shows them to the dining room where Branna and Gareth are waiting for them.

"Isobel! How lovely to see you again! I hope Austin is treating you well." Branna takes Isobel into a hug.

"He's been a perfect gentleman." Isobel smiles warmly at them as she feels his hand on her waist.

They chat for some time before his brothers Kennet and Darren arrive. When they do, Isobel makes sure to stay as far away from Kennet as she can without seeming like she's avoiding him. They start to eat, talking easily. It helps that Isobel has had a glass or two of wine since the night began.

There's a commotion outside the dining room and a butler coming in, "Your Graces, Sir Andrew is home."

They all swarm him as he walks in, Austin being one of the first out of his chair. "Andrew, I'm so glad you're here so you can meet Isobel."

Isobel stands, still unable to clearly see Andrew through all the tall people. Her eyes meet Andrew's and her wine glass falls to the floor, shattering.



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