The Faet Within

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Chapter 22

It has been 3 hours and they are no closer to finding out what kind of curse Keeva used. Isobel's eyes droop as she gets tired, having looked at words for too long. She finds herself laying her head on the book she's reading, closing her eyes for just a few moments.

When she opens her eyes again, she looks around seeing Austin across from her buried in a book and Daniel at the other end of the table. "Guys I think we should call it a night."

No response.

"Guys?" Isobel waves her hands in front of their faces to no avail. She gets up to get their attention but when she turns around sees herself sleeping in the chair she just left.

"Well that can't be a good sign..."

She hears a noise from above them and makes her way to it, momentarily ignoring the sight of her asleep. She ends up in the tower, looking around. She sees the shattered mirror on the floor, the pieces scattered around the dusty floor. She turns around and sees another bookshelf. The closer she gets to the bookshelf she can feel power emanating from it. Power like what she felt when Daniel hypnotized her.

"Isobel! Baby, wake up!"

Isobel blinks, "Austin?" Suddenly she's back at the table, Austin and Daniel both looking at her worriedly. "What happened?"

Austin cups her cheek, "You fell asleep. We tried waking you. It's been an hour. You didn't take the elixir so when you didn't wake up, we thought she had gotten to you."

Isobel touches his face, kissing him gently. "I'm okay. This wasn't like that dream. I felt safe. I also think I know where we should be looking."

She takes Austin's hand and they walk towards the tower, making their way to the top.

"In my dream, this is where I came. I followed a noise, and this is where it brought me. I was looking at the bookshelf when you woke me."

Isobel walks over to the shelf, running her fingers over the bindings. She stops on one that feels different and pulls it out. Daniel grabs it gently, opening it carefully. After a few minutes of him reading, he grins. "This is it. It talks about what it takes to truly destroy something since in nature nothing is truly destroyed."

"So what do we need to do then?"

"Isobel, you're able to do much more magic than any fae I've come across. Are you able to perform creation magic?"

Isobel nods, "I am. I know it's uncommon, but it can't be that rare..."

Daniel shakes his head, "It is. Only a few people in recorded history have been able to perform it. I think our best plan of action, is you, Isobel. Only you can break the curse."

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