The Faet Within

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*Completed September 2019* ⚠️MATURE CONTENT⚠️ In this world, the Fae are all around. Next to you in line at the coffee shop. Your next-door neighbor or best friend growing up. The Fae look and act like humans, for the most part anyway. You can tell if someone is a Fae simply by looking at their aura. Fae are filled with so much magic, even humans can see their auras. There's no science to telling what kind of Fae you're looking at though. And they'll only tell you if they trust you. Or if you're also Fae and they like you. ~~~~~~~ Isobel is the Princess of the Eastern Kingdom, known to humans as England and Scotland. She would much rather spend her time in her garden back at the castle, but instead she's at the reception for a human royal wedding. Hopefully she could drink her night away, flirt with some humans and get back to her garden before it was too late. Austin wants nothing to do with this so-called "royal wedding" and the humans he would have to interact with. As Prince of the Western Kingdom or Ireland and Wales to the humans, he had better things to do than to waste it at a party, stuck with doddering old grandmothers doting on the bride or wistfully remembering their younger days. It made him want to jab an ice pick in his ear. When Isobel and Austin are pushed together, they make a deal that will change their lives forever. Will they overcome the obstacles fate

Fantasy / Romance
H. Napady
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"You betrayed me!" Keeva screams at him, tears pouring down her face. She looks around at the people she thought she could trust, her heart breaking again and again. She disappears in a cloud of smoke, something she didn't know she was capable of, finding herself in her woodland hideaway. Only then did she collapse on the floor in tears, hugging her knees in an attempt to keep herself from falling apart.

After her tears have dried, she stands, walking over to a large mirror that hung on the wall. She knows what she needs to do to exact revenge on those who betrayed her and broke her heart. As the plan develops in her brain, she feels the dark power of the deed fill her heart until it finally spills over into her body. She gazes into the mirror as what appears to be black ink covers her skin, leaving golden streaks wherever her tears had fallen. Her dress ripples with magic as it changes from a plain red fabric to a glistening deep-black, close-fit gown. She lifts her hand toward the mirror, shattering it with a force of will before unknown to the world.

Keeva walks over to the window that faces their tree. In another gush of smoke, she finds herself standing before the towering oak, the undergrowth wilting underneath the devastating power that was emanating off of her. She kneels on the ground at the base of the tree they had planted together to signify their lives; as the tree grew, so would their love. She places her hands on either side of the tree, chanting a powerful curse as she pours her magic into it. She feels the dark curse taking root, splitting not only the tree but also the kingdom in two, forever dividing the families who sought to be rid of her. She laughs maniacally at the thought of them hating each other for all eternity, the dark power draining from her body as the curse is completed. Her body fades away, knowing nobody will ever have the power to break the curse and free themselves from the hatred.

The effects of the curse are immense and immediate. For the next millennia, as the world advances from using horses to using cars, and from knowing nothing outside of the village to having the entirety of the world at one's fingertips, it holds fast. The only aspect that doesn't change is the curse and the effect it has on the Fae royalty of what humans refer to as the United Kingdom. While the hatred between the royal families is widely known, there are few who know of the curse. As the centuries changed, so too did the world's understanding of the realm of magic and the Fae who reside in the world with humans. The Fae do not hide, they thrive alongside humans, living in peace.

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