The Faet Within

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Chapter 27


Austin slowly wakes up, stretching as he looks around the hospital room. She's been in a coma for weeks. Every moment of his time is spent in her room, keeping her warm. He gets up to start his routine, leaning in to kiss her forehead like he does every morning. "Isobel... Please come back to me..."

He takes a shower in the en suite bathroom, coming out to see blood pouring out of her nose. "Nurse! Nurse!"

All of a sudden she starts coughing, rejecting the breathing tube. The nurses pull out the breathing tube, checking her vitals.

"Her brain is seizing! Get the Neuro in here stat!" The nurses plunge a syringe into her IV as she calms down. Her vitals return to normal but now she's breathing on her own.

Austin collapses next to her bed, kissing her hand. "I need you Isobel... Please don't die on me..."

Austin doesn't know how long he is on his knees praying when her hand moves. His head whips up, "Isobel?"


Austin jumps up, tears streaming down his face as he kisses all over hers. "You're awake!"

"Is this real?"

Austin looks at her, "What do you mean?"

"I'm really awake?"

He gasps when she pulls him into a passionate kiss. He returns the kiss happily, "I love you Isobel. I've wanted to tell you for ages."

"I love you too, Austin."

The nurses come in and take her vitals once more. "We need to take you for testing as your brain was seizing."

Austin holds her close as she listens to them, "Of course. I'm just glad I'm awake."

When the nurses leave, he pulls her into another kiss. "I've missed you so much."

"I missed you too. I'll explain when we get home. How long was I out?"

"34 days. I've been here the whole time. Your parents are here every day and my parents are here every other day. Everyone has been so worried. The hospital has done a good job of keeping the reporters out, although a few have gotten past the guards."

Isobel arches her eyebrow at him and he can't help but kiss it. Every fiber in his being has missed every part of her. "They're fine, maybe a little singed."

Isobel laughs and he can't help the tear that slides down his cheek. "I never thought I'd hear your laugh again."


They take her for testing and find a mass in her brain that hadn't been there before. Luckily, it's in an extremely operable location and they make plans to get it removed. When she finally wakes back up from surgery she feels like a weight has been lifted off her. It isn't long before the whole world learns the good news and she is showered with flowers and gifts from all over the world, anywhere she travelled to seems to have found out.

She spends her days and nights with Austin, never letting him leave her sight. After one particularly bad panic attack she breaks down and tells him what happened to her. Since then he hasn't left her side either. Their parents are thrilled and are planning a wedding for later in the year.

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