The Faet Within

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"Earlier today the engagement between Prince Austin and Princess Isobel was announced. This will be the first time in over a millennium that these royal families have been joined and the celebration is said to match the occasion. We'll have more details as the date gets closer. Next up..."

She screams as she throws the remote at the tv, breaking the screen. This can't be happening... We were so close...

"What's wrong?"

She looks up at the man she had been utilizing for the past couple years. She can't call it love, the only man she loves is Austin, but he has been useful. He says that he loves her and she says it back but only because it means he will help her destroy the family that destroyed her.

"They're engaged."

He sighs, "I figured that would happen. And so did you. It doesn't change our plans. In fact, it will help. Two birds, one stone."

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