The Faet Within

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Chapter 3


Isobel pulls her hand back from his before the warmth can spread farther than it already has. There was something in his eyes that made her heart pound in her chest so hard she was sure he could hear it. "We should get back to the party and let our parents know what we decided."

She turns to go back to the party before giving him a chance to respond, needing another drink if she was going to get through this evening. She goes back to the bartender, giving him a warm smile. "I'm going to need something stronger. Can I trust you to make sure I always have a drink in my hand?"

Clark nods, smiling nervously as he moves around the bar.

She feels Austin behind her, his warmth radiating off of him and caressing her skin. She breathes deeply, taking the drink from Clark before turning around to face him. She takes a drink, looking up at him.


Austin nods, his face a mask. Is this what the next month was going to be like? He said he was going to make it difficult but surely he didn't have the energy to never show emotions.

Isobel walks back to their parents, smiling tightly.

"After a discussion, we have made a decision. We know you are wanting to match us up and we understand the duty we have to our kingdoms. While neither of us are interested in getting married, we have come up with a solution that both of us can live with. I will be moving into his flat and staying there for a month to determine if we can really bring our kingdoms together without killing each other."

Isobel's parents hold back their laughter with a twinkle in their eyes, "How very prudent my daughter." They turn to Austin's parents, "We think that is a wonderful idea and we approve of our daughter living with your son for the time being."

Isobel looks between the parents as they discuss possibilities, tuning them out as she finishes her drink. She thanks Clark when he promptly supplies her with another.


Isobel sits on her floor among her belongings. In precisely 6 hours she will be moving in with a man she barely knows. A flash of a handsome face fills her head. Another man she barely knew.


Izzy smiles at Andy as he walks over. She pulls him into a deep kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck to hold him there.

"I missed you," he breathes, resting his forehead against hers.

Izzy grins, "I missed you too." She kisses him again before walking him to the bed they had been sharing for 3 months. She had met Andy on her first day in Greece and they had been inseparable ever since.

She pulls her sundress over her head revealing her naked body to him, her nipples already hard and aching for his touch. She whimpers softly as his hands caress her skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

His hands slide down from her breasts over her stomach and down to her wet heat.

"Fuck baby... you really did miss me. You're so wet..." He groans as he slides his fingers over her slit making her mewl in pleasure.

"Please Andy... I need you..."

His eyes darken as he rids himself of clothes, his erection standing at attention.

Izzy bites her lip, taking him into her hand and stroking slowly. He growls, spinning her around and pulling her body against his. She cries out in pleasure as he fills her cunt, stretching her deliciously.

"Fuck Izzy, you're so tight..." His pace starts out slow, his hands still caressing her body. He pinches her nipples, causing her to arch her back and simultaneously push him deeper inside her.

Izzy whimpers, "Please Andy... I need more."

Andy growls in response, picking up his pace until he is slamming into her. She cries out as she feels her walls begin to spasm around his cock, signaling her coming orgasm.

"Don't stop Andy... Please don't stop..."

His thrusts become harder, more urgent as she comes apart around him. She cries out as she feels his thrusts lose their steady pace, his own orgasm ripping through his body and filling her up.

An hour and several orgasms later Izzy is laying on their bed, breathing harshly. She looks over at the man she had grown to love and wonders if now is the right time to tell him how she feels. She curls into his side and feels his breathing even out.

"I love you Andy..."

She doesn't expect a response, she knows he's sleeping. She smiles sadly and falls into a deep sleep herself.

When Izzy wakes up she's alone. She gets up from the bed, looking around. All of Andy's things are gone. "Andy?" She walks into the living room and then the kitchen. Nothing. Not even a note. A tear slides down her cheek as the realization hits her. He had used her. He got what he wanted and when she developed feelings he left.

After a few hours of moping and packing she calls a cab to the airport. It was time for her to go home.


Isobel shakes her head as she clears her head of the painful memory. She had learned her lesson then to guard her heart. She wouldn't make the same mistake this time. She finishes packing all her clothes and other necessities before crawling into bed.

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