The Faet Within

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Chapter 4

Isobel takes a deep, calming breath as she stands in front of the building that holds Austin's flat. She steps up to the door and knocks, hoping she isn't too early.

A young woman opens the door, looking her up and down in mild judgment before speaking. "Yeah? What do you want?"

Isobel looks between her, the napkin that held Austin's address, and the address on the building. "I'm here for Austin?"

The young woman smirks, "What? You not sure? Don't worry about it, he's here. Come on in." She steps to the side, letting Isobel in. The flat was spacious and well furnished. Based off how clean it was, she was sure that he had a maid.

"Aussy! You have company!" The girl turns towards Isobel, "I'm Lorna, nice to meet you."

Isobel smiles hesitantly, "I'm Isobel."

Austin comes out from a room further down the hallway, "Lorna, your voice is as grating as ever." Isobel swallows and blushes when she sees him wearing only a pair of jeans with a towel around his neck and damp hair.

She has to force her eyes away from his muscled chest, clearing her throat. "Don't you have a shirt or something you can wear?"

Austin smirks as he looks at Lorna, "You have the specifications, now get to it."

Lorna rolls her eyes, chuckling softly. "Yes, sir." She leaves the flat with a skip in her step.

"Sorry about Lorna... She can be a bit... gruff."

Isobel arches an eyebrow, "I can see that. Who is she?" She watches Austin walk into the kitchen, pulling some juice from the fridge.

"She's my mechanic. One of the dangerous hobbies I was telling you about is Formula One racing. She's one of the best mechanics in the country. As to your statement about my shirt... I was showering while Lorna went over my specifications for a new car."

Isobel rolls her eyes, "And yet you're still shirtless. Where is my room? I'd like to get unpacked."

Austin nods, "Follow me." He walks to a nicely set up bedroom which is next to the room he came out of. "That's my room next door."

Isobel smiles as she walks around the room, touching all the different fabrics. "I'm pretty surprised. I expected this place to be... well not this." She chuckles softly, setting both of her bags on the bed.

"My mother had it decorated and sends a cleaning woman once a week."

Isobel smirks, "So it's your mother I should be thanking that this place doesn't look like an animal lives here."

Austin lets out a breathy chuckle, "If I had decorated it would have been much less... well less. Well, I'll leave you to it, I have to take care of some things. I'll be home this afternoon and we can have some dinner. Help yourself to the kitchen for lunch." He smiles tightly before leaving her room.

Isobel sighs, looking around the room once more before setting about unpacking.

An hour later, she is done unpacking and her stomach is making noises at her. She walks into the kitchen, opening the door to the fridge. She pulls out the makings for a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, making it before heading back to her room.

Later in the afternoon she hears Austin return but stays in her room, engrossed in her book. She only realizes how late it is when she has to turn on the lamp to see her book. She sets it down and steps out into the living room and kitchen, finding Austin cooking. She watches quietly, his muscles rippling under his shirt as he moves gracefully in the kitchen.

Isobel subconsciously bites her lip as she watches him move, her mind wandering to more seductive images of his muscles moving. She forgets where she is until he turns around and smirks at her.

"Enjoying the view?"

Isobel clears her throat, blushing deeply. "Sorry... What's for dinner?"

Austin slides some pasta onto a plate at the kitchen island, "Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo. I hope you're hungry."

She smiles, sitting in front of the plate. "Starving actually."

Once he is seated she digs in, unsure of what to talk to him about. Was it always going to be this awkward between them? She glances at him, looking away every time he meets her gaze. When she is finished she clears her throat, "Thanks for making dinner, it was delicious." She smiles nervously, standing up to take the plate to the sink.

"Here, I got it." Austin stands quickly, grabbing the plate from her, their hands grazing each other.

Isobel blushes softly, "Thanks... Well... Good night..." She turns on her heels, walking back to her room and scolding herself for acting like a smitten fool. Once she gets back to her room she swings the door shut but doesn't hear it latch, not bothering to check it before pulling her top over her head thinking a nice bath will make her feel better. She slides her shorts down her legs before walking to the bathroom.

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