The Faet Within

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Chapter 5


Austin chuckles as Isobel rushes out of the room, watching her hips sway as she moves. He turns back to the sink, washing the dishes by hand to clear his mind. He thinks about what the rest of his week held for him for work but his mind keeps going back to Isobel and how her lips pucker in the sexiest way. It makes him think about how her mouth would look around his cock and as he gives her an orgasm. By the time he's done with the dishes his cock is hard and uncomfortably caged in his pants.

He walks down the hall to get back to his room when he sees that her door is left ajar. He stands there transfixed as he watches her first dry off her skin after a bath or shower and then when she starts rubbing lotion over her body.

Austin has to bite his lip to keep from groaning aloud from the image of her petite body alone. Her body is smooth and perky, with curves in all the right places. He finds himself palming his erection through his pants as she rubs the lotion into her breasts, her nipples hard from the cooler air after the hot water.

He aches to touch her, to roll her nipples between his fingers, and to hear her moans as he devours her delicious looking cunt. She's facing the other direction when she rubs the lotion into her thighs, and it takes everything in him to keep from going in there to have her turn around so he can admire her up close.

When Isobel bends over to slide on her pajama bottoms, the air leaves Austin's lungs. What he wouldn't give to be able to take her like that right then and there. After she puts a tank top on, he walks back to his room gingerly. He was going to need to take a shower of his own. If reaching his own release didn't work, hopefully cold water would.

Austin walks into his room, stripping quickly and walking into his bathroom. He turns on the water as he slowly starts to touch his aching erection. He steps into the spray, groaning softly as the water massages out some of the tension in his shoulders and back.

After a few minutes, he takes his cock in hand, thinking about what he had just witnessed. In his head he imagines that instead of staying in the hall he walked into her room. He turns her around and captures her lips with his own, moaning into her mouth. He gently massages her breasts, tweaking her nipples playfully. He slides his hand down her body, sliding his fingers into her wet heat. "Fuck Isobel... You're so wet for me..."

Austin continues to stroke his cock faster as he imagines sliding his length deep inside her. He moans her name quietly as he pounds into her harder and faster. He has to bite down on his fist to keep from shouting out his release, shooting his hot cum all over the wall and floor of the shower.

He pants hard as he turns the water as cold as it will go, steam still coming off of his skin. What was this woman doing to him? He hadn't cum like that in years.

Austin steps out of the shower when his body finally cools back down to where it normally is, grabbing a towel and drying off. He throws on a pair of boxer shorts and climbs into bed, exhausted from his shower.

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