The Faet Within

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Chapter 6


After her bath, Isobel goes through her normal routine of putting lotion on her body before pulling her pajamas on. She looks at the time, wondering if Austin is still in the kitchen cleaning up or if he left the dishes behind for the maid. She walks out and sees all the lights are out in the kitchen but when she turns to go back to her room, she sees a sliver of light coming from Austin's room.

She walks down the hall, her feet silent against the carpeted flooring. She peeks into his room, her hand poised to knock so she could say good night but instead it flies to her mouth to silence the gasp. Austin was naked. And not just naked, but hard.

Instantly, Isobel's core tightens with arousal at the sight of his erection, wetness flooding her center. She swallows the lump in her throat before turning back to her room, quickly walking to her bathroom to splash some cold water on her face.

Her mind is flooded with images of his cock inside her, only making her arousal worse. She splashes some more cold water on her face when she hears his shower start. Their bathrooms must share a wall because after a few moments she hears her name.

Was Austin touching himself to the thought of her?

Isobel shivers at the thought, her face turning pink as she listens to his moans. She gasps when she hears him shout her name as he cums, her spine tingling deliciously.

She walks back into her bed, curling up under the covers. The image of Austin and his proud cock are on her mind as she falls asleep.

Isobel feels the bed dip in weight, her eyes fluttering open.


"Shhhh..." He silences her with a burning kiss that she can feel in her toes.

She melts into his arms as his weight presses her into the bed, his massive erection pressing into her center. She whimpers against his lips, her hips grinding against him.

Chills erupt up and down her spine when she hears his moan, her hands moving down to her pajama bottoms. She needed him inside her... now. He helps her remove her bottoms, his fingers sliding over her wet slit, spreading her juices up onto her clit. Austin deftly circles and rubs her clit, eliciting breathy moans from her lips.

Isobel feels a wonderful build-up of pressure from the immense pleasure his fingers are bringing her. "Austin... please..." she begs, "I need you..."

She gasps as she feels him enter her, her walls stretching around him. "Fuck baby... you're so tight... you feel so good..."

She moans at his words as his thrusts send her closer and closer to the edge. He starts to pound into her, gripping her hips as his balls slap against her skin. Her back arches off the bed as her orgasm takes over, coating his cock in her juices as she cries out.

Isobel wakes with a start, sitting up in the bed and looking around. That was all just a dream? Her heart pounds as she collapses back onto the bed.

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