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I am Captive

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Lillith Archer, a girl of the Northern Gemini faction, ends up in the crosshairs of one of the most powerful and well respected Alpha’s of the South warranting certain death. However, the Alpha’s ruthlessness is kept at bay once his curiosity is piqued, leaving Lillith’s life hanging in the balance. In a wild turn of events the pair find that the true reason for their meeting goes far beyond what everyone thought. Caught between political schemes, the investigation of an Alpha’s murder and a centuries old tale, they find the true meaning of soul mates.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Lillith had never been a fighter, but she was unfortunate enough to have been born into a life of judgement. Her parents were one of the bravest in their faction to reproduce at all risking having such a vulnerability. So as any could imagine, it was all anyone could discuss for weeks. Then weeks turned to years seeing as the brave couple did not only have one, but two vulnerabilities - fraternal twins. One of the distinct differences being Lillith’s light grey eyes. It’s not the life the girls chose, yet for Lillith , Delilah was a savior, friend, and companion on her side. Hence, everywhere Delilah went there was her sister alongside her since the day they were born. However, the nightmarish changes to the place where they once lived are forever embedded in the minds of the humans and witches that remain. It is meant to be a hunt for whoever dared to challenge the laws under the union leader’s reign and world order.According to the Union, a council of werewolves, fae, and witches, they only lived in peace because all subspecies followed the order of their region and procreated the way nature intended. So long as humans remained chained to the role of subservients as some called it, there would be no room for disaster. That all changed for those in peace on one Godforsaken night that someone decided to strike back. A human escaped from the Northern region to the East on a night none other than the night of the sacred Blood Moon Ceremony, killing Alpha Atakai of the Eastern territory through a powerful spell bestowed upon her by a witch. That night, all factions of the North, some without any participation in the crime, wished they could take back an action they hadn’t dared to commit in the first place.


I can say with no doubt now that my body is resilient. I have had the time to sit and withstand a substantial amount of physical changes all while staying alive. There’s no explanation for how someone like me, who has always been weak to have survived such torture. Although I can’t say the same for my mind, I do know that my ears still manage to utilize their primary function as they register the drops of water that fall from the open pipe and clink onto the ground. Every drop hits the steel floor with a loud clink! Despite everything, it keeps me awake and inevitably alert. Since my capture, I have been extremely hypersensitive. I assume it’s because of my body’s instinctual need to survive. Of course this includes my sense of smell which only brings tears to my eyes. My neck feels strained as I watch my belly swell with a deep breath I subconsciously take in. My hot tears leak down my cheeks and to the crook of my neck. My uncomfortable position causes my head to slightly bounce on the wall behind me as I release a choked sob at the smell of rotting flesh. My heart picks up and I try to stop myself from crying by holding my breath. The knot in my throat is so painful I almost want to cry at that too.

My poor sister.

The pain moves down to my chest while I still hold back. My eyes shut tight and almost subconsciously, I let out a groan I can only describe as pure anguish. I miss her. I miss how strong she was and how all she had was hope for our survival in this shit hole of a cell or dungeon whatever the fuck we were in. The knot in my chest can only be described as a ball of fire at this point. I can barely withstand my anger. I let out quick, teary breaths and use the palms of my hands to hoist myself onto my backside. It takes so much of my energy, but my anger seems to be helping. My forearms feel like fragile sticks that can snap at any minute. My ears start pounding and my head falls forward at my movements making me slightly light-headed. The smell hits my nostrils again and I can’t bring myself to look at her even in this position where all it takes is a turn of my head to the left. My sobs leave my mouth before I have the time to contain them. I slap my hand onto my mouth in order not to be too loud. I don’t need another lashing today. The thought of these creatures runs my body cold and I try to blink away the tears from my vision in order to keep myself from breaking down anymore than I have. I begin to shiver at the memory of when they beat Delilah bloody as she screamed and fought them. I close my eyes in an effort to blink the thoughts away. They should have just taken me instead, I would not have fought them. I would have silently accepted the fate I knew we would eventually have. I gasped unexpectedly, not realizing I was holding my breath just a few seconds ago. Despite whatever it is they wanted with us, I could have been obedient enough for both of us, but I can’t stay stuck in the past. In all honesty it’s what Delilah would have preferred anyway, to be dead. I couldn’t picture her taking orders as a slave, or live her days as a sacrificial lamb, or worst of all be a werewolf’s bed warmer. A shiver went down my spine and I held my mouth tighter. There is no way I could survive that, but for Delilah everything was about free will more than it was about survival. She lived her days believing that an honorable death was better than bondage. I always had a will to live, to be in love, to explore the world and learn new things and I never understood my own twin sister’s philosophy until I realized: Delilah was the stronger one. She was always the backbone for the two of us. How could I follow her philosophy? I feel so hopeless and empty without her. A waste of space. She never would have had this attitude and that’s almost the only thing I grew certain of in our time here together. I open my eyes and watch my legs shake as I remember the wit and brawn she exemplified only a few days ago. Suddenly I think I need to keep my hand glued to my mouth if I ever want to escape a whipping for my crying. My legs become blobs as my tears soak my line of vision once again.

I’m so sorry Delilah.

I hear loud footsteps approach the door on the far right side of what I’m assuming is the dungeon we’re locked away in. I remove the hand from my mouth and the muscles remain the same due to either fear or malnutrition. I can’t seem to come to the conclusion mostly because my body ran so cold the door became my only focus at the moment. I feel my body shivering and I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. The door slams open as I stare at it and it makes me jump, my eyes scale to the floor quickly my breath stopping almost entirely at the beast of a man who stumbles in with a sinister look upon his face. I only got to his smile before I couldn’t bare to see any more, but his eyes probably held the same evil.

“Well hello, my little friend.”

he stumbled closer drinking something out of a bottle, he’s probably swayed off of some concoction, the only thing werewolves cared to pay attention to witches for, until now. The shattering of the glass bottle he threw shocked me out of my pensive state.

I warily watch him slowly stumble forward after he threw the bottle across the room with inhuman strength. I feel myself go limp. Please leave me alone.

“God-dess, you truly smell wicked don’t you.” It was more of a statement than a question. I look up at the beast that aided in killing my sister and left her to rot in this hellhole with the smallest remnants of a glare that I could muster up in my state. I wonder where his co conspirator was right at this moment. Probably enjoying his life after committing a gruesome murder of an innocent child. Just the thought alone was all I needed to muster up the darkest glare I could conjure and spit at the bars in front of me with all my strength. It’s all I could do in my state, bestow him my ultimate form of disrespect. The only other memory I ever had of wolves in my lifetime was watching a Beta wolf spit over a lower rank wolf after a fatal mistake. It was my introduction to the vile creatures. I only see it fitting that I pay a spiteful homage to what I assume will be my last encounter with a wolf. Ironic. I could feel a proud smug coming on until I look into his eyes, his dark, dark eyes. He staggered for a moment in what could have been shock and my face slacked, I almost forgot.

I heard the harsh wind that always made my blood rush and the werewolf was suddenly in front of me with his hands on the cell bars. The bright yellow sclera of his eyes ran a chill through me as he peered at me through the spaces that I probably could fit through now. “You little bitch,” he spat venomously, “what? you gonna hex me? witch.” My eyes filled with tears at the false accusation. My eyes have always held this color and vibrancy, it was out of my control, but of course it was partially the basis of our capture. Of course it was my fault. I’m so so sorry Delilah. I lower my head as tears brim my eyes again and I blink them away before the savage becomes aware. The old lady on our street made everyone in the Northern territory hate me, saying I would bring hell to all that we knew. I wonder where she is now. For all we knew she could have been the witch to poison the boy. I flinched at my own accusation of the poor woman. How could I even think that knowing all that entails being captured. She’s probably dead too. I sniffled the tears that escaped my nose. “I’m talking to you!” He slammed the bars breaking one off in the process. It hit my left arm. I clutched my arm and let out a pained scream that I tried to contain. I couldn’t even feel the pain in my arm once my hair was pulled over towards him.

“Fine then, not a peep, you filthy, vile thing.” he let me go suddenly while my breath was caught in my throat, unable to make a sound, I feel like I’m choking. Are these my tears? He cackled behind me and sighed as if he was bored of what he considered his job. I remember his spiel about how much he hated spending time with me, so I could only assume it was his duty. What a pitiful fate for both of us. His steps wander further from me and I seem to relax at the revelation. I lower down slowly until my cheek is on the cool, dirty steel floor that I have grown so accustomed to over the past week. A cough leaves me unexpectedly and I realize I can’t breathe. The room seems to follow my movement a tad slower than what I had anticipated. I can suddenly hear my pulse. I have grown to hate it ever since Delilah’s stopped. The incessant sound became a pest to listen to. My eyes start fluttering on their own and I wish for death to come while the rabid dog mumbles. Or is there more than one? My eyes finally close.

“Fucking witch. No, Wake up.” I feel my body move up and I almost scream in agony as I feel each individual body part pull down toward what feels like the center of the earth. Is this what gravity is? I giggle to myself, finally understanding what the pull is that mom tried to explain to me so many times when homeschooling. It just wasn’t for me. Physics, anyway. I am a science person just not that kind. To think of it, the idiot probably severed my brachial artery with the sharp, rusty metal. I quickly come to the realization that I’m bleeding out. I can feel him shake my shoulders and grip my face with his cold bloody hands. I knew it. I am cold blooded.

I partially open my eyes slowly and squint at the array of trees, snow, and small flowers that morph into a kaleidoscope of colors in my vision. I feel my dress twirl around me as I use the icy grass under my shoes to propel me faster. My half lidded eyes watch with amusement as a darker shadow approaches. That is until I feel a harsh whack to my ribs, knocking the wind out of me.

I harshly open my eyes to see a slightly blue tinted version of my seven year old twin sister Delilah.

“Don’t hit me Delilah! I’ll tell mommy.”

“You always want to tell mommy. But the truth is that you and me are different Lillith!” she declared as she pointed and aimed her sword at me with squinted eyes. She took a quick jousting stance and continued her imaginary battle with a nonexistent foe while turning away from me.

She confused me, and I know I’m always the curious one, but this time Delilah made no sense at all. I look over at her to see her still jousting at the air in her prince costume and her hair flying all over the place. I looked down at my princess dress and clear rubber heels to her brown leather boots, and wondered if what she says is really true.

My neck hurts the most, but I couldn’t care less. Mommy’s dead, papa’s dead, Delilah’s dead. Why shouldn’t I drift off in peace too. I’m thrown onto the ground heavily as my mind starts to spin further down the rabbit hole and my body gives up on healing, the tips of my fingers are numb and freezing.

“H-How are we dif-different Lilah?” She stopped and sighed before looking at me.

“Well first of all, I don’t stutter-”

“No fair, Mommy says it’s be-because of my confidence!” Her eyes visibly softened as she approached me. I wiped the liquid frustration from my eyes once seeing that she was approaching.

“I know. I meant that, mommy knows I’m cold blooded and you?” she lifted and rested a heavy arm on my shoulder, “you’re warm blooded.”

“She’s losing quite a bit of blood, help me get her-” The voices fade in and out as I pick up on a few more things. Has he gone mad officially? I smell the beast’s pungent and unforgettable scent and I try to forcibly open my eyes at his closeness.

“No, please” I mutter in my mind. “I know, I know now wake up, you fragile witch” Maybe I said that aloud? My throat closes as I come to realize I have spoken aloud. I feel a strange, bitter taste in my mouth...it travels down to my throat, causing every muscle to burn in my body. My eyes shoot open at the realization that his hand is in my mouth, causing me a tremendous amount of pain. I thrash and try to close my mouth as best I can. Don’t heal me, don’t heal me, don’t heal me. Please don’t... my thoughts quell as he grabs the back of my neck and lifts me like a mother would her puppy. All of a sudden I feel warmth return to my fingers, the numbness and tingling subsiding. Why am I alive?

Maybe I’m dreaming. Hallucination is not unwarranted considering that I’m losing blood from an artery. I groan and sob at the idea of living another day especially at the hands of this brutish wolf.

“Almost lost my head there. You better not die on me huh?” He got close to my ear sending chills down my spine, yet nothing like the chills I felt once I heard what he said “Alpha will not be happy if I kill the other pretty witch huh?” The bitter taste in my mouth was the least of my problems now. My body seemed to recognize what that meant before I did. My body went limp and my mind was the last to go blank. I focused on the sound of the drops of water clinking onto the floor as I let the rancid creature whisper all types of absurdities into my ear, not paying attention to any of it. I shouldn’t be afraid at all. This is the day I should appreciate, for if any of the Alphas at all were to want to see me, I know I would die soon.

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