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Long ago... The world of Kallia lived peacefully. Kallia was named the realm of life. One of the five realms... Then fifty years ago a storm broke out killing and withering all in its path... The three horsemen of light tried to banish the storm once and for all... But to there demise... Could not... Then they found the one place that wasn't destroyed... The sacrificed themselves to protect this place from decay. Now in this world... This cold, decaying world lies one place... A place where life remains. Where light can be seen again. It was called the Land of life. Hidden away where nothing shall destroy. But soon even the Land of life would fade and decay. What once was the realm of life... Now is the world of decay.

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Chapter I: Cold Cries

It was cold...

Cold beyond belief...

I stood there in the freezing never-ending snow. It covered me as I hunted for just a small amount of food.

Then I heard a large crash.

I ran towards the large noise only to stumble upon... Another human? “Could it be,” I asked myself. He was covered by rocks and stone. I lifted them off them to find out he was not a human. He was an entirely different race. One I have only heard of as a child before the ruins...

I carried him home and waited a few days. I prepared his bed and made him some food. Later that day I went to my room and grabbed the letter my mother gave me thirteen years ago. I read it for what felt like the hundredth time.

I soon lay down on my bed to fall asleep. As I fell asleep, I was in my old house when I was only a child. My mother was covered in blood and the house was on fire. Though there was fire I felt cold. Trees were destroyed; the sky was forever black as the crimson moon sent terror to all. My mother then gave me a small box. with a letter inside. She told to run and never look back. Then I was surrounded by fire.

Then I woke up from the dream. “Ah!” I screamed as I got up from my bed. I went to check on the person I found but he was still asleep. He looked young but I could not tell.

I looked outside and wondered to myself what my mothers letter meant.

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