The Forbidden Island ✔

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(Also available on Wattpad) In the Tsunami waves Jaci,a young woman of 20,found herself stranded in an Island, own by a Tribe,who have rejected, often violently, any contact with the outside world. They are among the last tribal people to remain virtually untouched by modern civilisation. Will Jaci survive in the forbidden Island full of carnival people or die a horrible death that has followed every single man,tried to enter their Territory. Aku is the Chieftain of his clan. They call themselves the descendants of the Wolfs and believe in the Moon god, who provides them with health, prosperity and protection from the outside world. They also believe in pairs made in heaven or solemates. What will happen when an outsider enters their Forbidden Island and he gets to imprint on her only to get rejected in return.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Dear Readers!!

This story was inspired by the life of the Santinelese tribe,from North Sentinel Island, who are said to be

an indigenous people in voluntary isolation. They are among the last tribal people to remain virtually untouched by modern civilisation.

This is a work of fiction and created completely for entertainment purpose only. Any names,characters,

events,places and incidents either are the product of the Author's imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to an actual person,living or dead,is entirely coincidental.

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