All You Need Is Love

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(Also Available on Wattpad) When Evangeline,(Eve's) only family,her Mother dies suddenly,her boyfriend invites her to come live with her family. Not having any other options,Eve agrees to his offer. But after living with them for just a week,she realises, that her boyfriend's family was hiding a big secret,that will turn her world upside down. The Hunter family,who lives in a Mansion name, A GATEWAY TO HEAVEN,soon welcomes a new member in their family but fails to keep their family secret from her. What will happen,when Eva finds out their secret and feels trapped. Will the Hunters be able to find a way to keep her in or she would fight her way out of their lives.

Fantasy / Thriller
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This is a work of fiction and created completely for entertainment purpose only. Any names,characters,events,places and incidents either are the product of the Author's imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to an actual person,living or dead,is entirely coincidental.

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