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A hidden agenda

After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally found the room for the meeting. The audience had already started gathering. I did not look closely at anyone, but immediately spoke to a woman on the podium, as she smiled at me first, seeing how awkwardly I slammed the door behind me.

It seems that we had worked together with her some time ago. I immediately recognized the joy in her smile, mixed with surprise that I had lost so much weight. Well, yes, since the last time we saw each other (about 6 years ago), I lost some 25 pounds! But what really matters is that I had started losing weight only about 5 months ago, before the annual statistics conference. And my diet is like that. First, exclude bread, all grain-based foods and sweets. Alcohol too. Here I would make my usual pause so that the audience could fully appreciate the sacrifice. However, the pause should not be overdone so as not to put them to complete shock. This can ruin all the effect. Here you need to wink at the audience and say that alcohol is excluded only for the first two weeks, and then it can be put back. Sort of, saying, “people, do not get scared too much.”

The audience seemed to have released a sigh of satisfaction, although not even waiting till the end of my pause. The speaker on the podium, whom I didn’t pay attention to at first, continued with a strong but quite convincing Chinese accent: “I had just presented the design of our clinical trial and now let us look at the results.”

I immediately recognized the speaker, but he seemed not to pay any attention to me and stared at his boring charts instead.

What a disappointment, you’d reach out to people with an open mind, and they show no interest in you, because they all have a hidden agenda.

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