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The secret of a successful leader (an Easter dream)

Tonight I happened to visit my old company. I was going somewhere making my way through endless corridors and reciting enthusiastically my newly invented 5 key features of the leadership behavior. The first one was the ability to make people follow you. The rest I forgot. But I remember that everyone listened to me and once people saw me, they would forget about their initial goal, if there ever was one, and started following me. That was not surprising, as to everyone I promised a serving of vodka with red caviar supposedly waiting for us in my room. As a result, a lot of people crowded the elevator cabin. I remembered that I did have a very small can of caviar with a little more than half of it left, and mentally divided and smeared this quantity over the forgotten faces of my former coworkers that were filling the space of the elevator. In fact, vodka was finished by me a long time ago.

Suddenly the elevator started off but instead of going down it moved sideways, as if it were a subway. I realized that in the hotel building there were several elevator shafts and we were simply being transferred from one to another. Indeed, soon the elevator stopped and went down. I continued to broadcast the 5 leadership traits but no one listened and when the elevator stopped at some floor I quietly got out and disappeared into the crowd. If only I could restore the remaining four traits in my memory, I may have turned Jesus or even Moses!

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