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April Fool’s Day

I am having lunch with Natalie and Matt. We have not seen each other for a while. Natalie and Matt just came back from vacation somewhere in Mexico, and she tells me how they swam together with dolphins. It was fun. I imagine Natalie diving in and jumping out like a dolphin while spitting extra water from her nostrils. She does look like a small dolphin.

“It must be fun to swim with ‘delfiny’

I realized that occasionally I am using the Russian ‘delfiny’ for dolphins, but Natalie does not seem to be confused. She says

“Yeah, but i think this humanization of dolphins is a wrong concept...”

“And wrong practice,” added she after some thinking.

“But was not it fun, to swim with dolphins?”

“But why would they care? It’s all to please people.”

“I thought ‘delfins’ like to be with humans, and they are almost like humans.”

“It’s a wrong concept... and practice.”

“But I read dolphins have emotional intelligence!”

“No they do not!”

As we talked, I kept biting off a big red apple. The apple, now reduced to a bare cone, was lying right in the middle between me and Matt who was sitting against me at the table. Suddenly I realized that we were sharing that apple all along and he just put it back on the table.

“Wait, is this mine apple or yours?”

“It’s yours.... I just found half of a worm in it,” smiles Matt. Like a dolphin.

“April fool’s!” says he bursting into laughter, as I am choking trying to spit off my last bite.

Now, I am thinking Natalie was right, dolphins are still lagging far behind people in terms of emotional intelligence. And they have zero sense of humor.

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