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Corporate travels

Today I dreamed that I was reading a rather confusing document composed by our boss, and (in my dream) I was surprised that I was able to understand the text very clearly, without difficulty unraveling its intricacies. Usually in a dream it is impossible to go beyond the first line of anything. And in the documents composed by my boss, it is impossible to do even while reading them wide awake. Now I have no idea what this text was about.

I only remember that later we all went on a corporate trip. Probably, the document I read was just about that. We had one Indian employee with us. Obviously, he came with a wooden elephant the size of a calf, which he led along on a string. “Want to ride on the top?” asks he. I politely decline his offer, it is too high for me. Then the Indian himself deftly mounts the elephant, in fact a pony elephant. I took him by the bridle and off we went.

Then our boss, also an Indian, turned around and shouted with a terrifying joy in his voice

“And you did not forget to feed my elephant?!”

I realized that the boss was kidding, who would ever feed a wooden elephant? But still, just for the heck of it, it would be in order to give something to him to chew on, perhaps some hay. Our boss was a rather arbitrary despot. I remembered that once I spread the rumor in our team as if he had ordered a living elephant from India to take him from the corporate garage to his desk in the morning. Apparently, he did not forget this joke.

So, we have been wondering around for a while as if without knowing our purpose, cautiously making our way with the elephant through narrow rows of the shop, trying not to shake anything from the shelves to the floor.

And at the very end of our journey an amazing sight opened to our eyes. The age-old fir trees stood along the road, painted in all shades of yellow, like the slopes of the Appalachian Mountains in the Fall. I thought that what I saw deserved waking up and rendering it to my iPhone. Such an iphonic view! Who had ever reported seeing an evergreen spruce dressed in gold and crimson? The trees stood as a silent reproach of a little self-indulgence on the part of our boss! Why did he have to change their colors?

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