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A gray square

Yesterday my wife was nagging me all evening, saying that I don’t pay much attention to my son. Like, he does not do well in math, and spends all the time online. She almost managed to grab my iPhone from my hands. But I hold firmly to it, being used to all kinds of abuse. So I fell asleep with my iPhone.

At night I dreamed that my son complained that he got a bad computer. I looked, and yes, the XT model from late 80’s, the screen was small and non-flat, like my grandmother’s TV, and at the bottom of the screen was an ugly gray square, through which the waves of white noise come in ripples. I guess I’ll have to buy a new one, I thought. New expenses.

And then a brilliant idea occurred to me. This gray square is not a defect at all, but an interface to a new text editor. We just did not understand its purpose. What seems to us at first glance as an error of nature or a technical defect, is a trap for a fool, where an intelligent person would immediately see a secret code or a new feature that he can take advantage of. I quickly learned the commands and explained them to my son. A few minutes later he typed an article featuring mathematical formulas and graphs. And you say, I do not care about my son!

When I read this to my family, my wife immediately said: if you post this on facebook, remove the first part, start right when you fell asleep. The son said,

“You can leave the first sentence, which says that she was nagging you. But don’t you dare write about my grades. And best of all, after the first sentence immediately go to the way I quickly mastered the editor and wrote the whole article.”

As it is always the case, my story is too crude to be published. I will work more on it.

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