Death's Wolf - Devil's Angel

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Half Angel half Lycian a half-breed the only one of her kind, so she thought. Solaris spent her existence running, after the tragic death of her parents. Her mother’s last words telling her to never stop running she would never be safe. Sprits, Angels, Demons, Werewolves and Witches all after her, she had no clue why. She tries to navigate a new life she's made for her self. Until it all gets turned upside down when she meets a dark attractive man. He will make her question everything she thinks about herself and the world around her. Fighting her feelings as he takes over her every thought and desire. He will push her body and mind to places she never knew. He maybe the salvation she been searching for or the beginning of her destruction. She’s a half-breed first of her kind fated to be forever linked to the Angel of Death and the Devil himself. Maybe the story of Heaven and Hell isn't really the tale we all know. *****

Fantasy / Erotica
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1. Good Bye

Running hiding running waiting this has been my life the last 60 years. My story is long, sad, and lonely but it’s my story. In all my years I have never come across another being like me. The world is full of supernatural things good and bad though I my self have never witness the good. The mortals are puppets playthings for the supernatural to get there kicks.

I do what I can to help but it always seems to be to little to late. I can never linger long in one place or they find me. Even with all the wards and trinkets I have in place to protect and shield my self they all ways find me. I have been lucky enough to stay a step ahead of them. It’s like I have my own build in personal alarm system a burning that starts in my chest. It’s an ember in the beginning then slowly turns into a raging flame. It’s even painful at times if they get to close.

Who are they you ask well to tell you the Truth I don’t really know. The first time the burning came was the night I lost my parents. I’m the daughter of a powerful Alpha and Luna of the Sun and Moon pack. My father Godric a pure blood Lycian and my mother Uriel an immortal and one of the first archangels to give up her wings to spend her life on earth with her true mate my father. From what I understand that has never happened an Angel and Lycian together and mated at that. Everything that I know says Angels don’t have mates.

We was returning home from celebrating my 16th birthday and hearing the voice of my wolf for the first time. Many thought I wouldn’t have one since my mother was an archangel. It was thought I would be a plan mortal cause a joining such as theirs never happened before, and such power would just cancel each other out.

Boy were they wrong.

My parents never thought less of me my mother knew better. She always told me I had a future more important then anyone of them could imagine. That it’s been written in the stars since the being of all things.

Still waiting for that amazing future.

They taught me many things at the same time they had many secrets. I was taught to fight from at young age. Hand to hand combat, weapons training the rest I had to figure out on my own. Growing up alone coming into my powers I had no one to turn to, shifting seeing and speaking to Sprits. I can even control light I’m not good at it at all. It gets out of control easily things tend to go boom, so I never use it.

When the burning hit me for the first time. It felt like my heart was burning though my chest. I screamed in pain distracting my parents from the road. Our car was struck hard from the side, then went flying threw the air landing on its roof. I remember my father was first out of the car yelling for my mother to get me out and to run that they found us. I heard him shift the cracking of bones and his ear piercing howl. He was huge the biggest in the pack and a grey ash color. Still to this day he was the most beautiful wolf I ever seen. I could hear the fighting and scratching, howls and yelping, coming from outside of the car.

My mother ripped me from the car. I remember screaming out in pain cause I had gashed my arm on the car window when she pulled me free. We ran until the sounds of fighting disappeared. Then the burning hit me again. I remember crying out to her my chest felt like it was going to explode. That’s when she grabbed my face with both hands. Panic consumed her eyes, and I didn’t know what to do besides listen.

“Sweetie I need you to run now. I need you to run and never look back. You understand me?”

Her eyes were wide jetting back and forth like she was searching for something.

“But mom what about you and daddy?”

I was filled with fear unable to move. How could I leave them what if something happened?

“I’m going to stay and protect you and help your father. You need to go now and don’t stop. If they get you it will be the end of everything. They can never find you.”

The panic slipped from her face for a moment, and was replaced with determination.

“Who can’t find me, I have you to protect me it doesn’t matter.”

I clung to her with everything I had.

“Theirs and evil out there and they have been searching for you. They want your light, your power. You can never let them get it sweet heart you are the key to everything”

She released my face and was shaking my shoulders lightly. Like she was trying to get a message through that wasn’t going anywhere.

“The key to what? I can’t do this alone not with out you and daddy”

Tears started pouring from my eyes uncontrollably I planted my feet I wasn’t going anywhere.

“ You will find out when the time is right, just remember I will never truly leave you, I love you. Do you have the gifts we got you?”

“I love you too momma, No they are still in the car.”

“You will need to find your way back to the car when it’s safe, but there is no more time you have to go now. Run and keep running till that burn is gone, if you ever feel it start again you run. Don’t return to the pack it will never be safe for you there. Now GO!”

She gave me the strongest embrace of my life. Then Shoved me towards the woods, I had no choice as I stumbled away.

I could hear foot steps behind us. The last thing I remember was a mans voice greeting my mother By her name. Then the brightest light flashed in the sky it looked as if the sun it's self had burst from where my mother was just standing. I stumbled and fell into a small Creek where an old tree’s roots had been washed free from the bank. Crawling underneath I cover my self in mud hoping it would be enough to mask my scent. If it was Lycian’s after me I wouldn’t stand a chance if it was a common werewolf I had a better odds.

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