Flames of Life

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If u want to read the something like #historical-romance #mystery #fantacy #adventure, this is a book for u. Cecilia Wilsonian, an orphan living with her old, bitchy Aunt Doris Larry. She is prisoner (not literally) until she marry a rich man to bring her aunt a fortune. What is she has to marry Harris William , a cruel and self conceited tradesman? What if she find her true love after her engagement? Will she break off her engagement? Will she risk it all? Read and find out. Updates every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. make sure to like and review.

Fantasy / Romance
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This is the first book of series Battles of Life. There will be total three books in the series. This book is a mixture of historical romance, mystery, thriller and comedy. There will be some adult context but I'll warn y'all.

This is an original work and reserved copyright. Please don't copy. It is a part of my sweat and blood. I say again, don't copy it.

All the pictures used in the book are not owned by me. I just pick them up randomly from google.

If u have any questions, ask right away in the comment section. I'll make sure to answer them as soon as possible.

Another thing, I won't be writing this book anymore if I don't get 10 likes by the end of 2 weeks. So make sure to like if u love this story.

In the end, I'll say "Happy Reading!"

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