The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Aphrodite, named after the Greek Goddess. You would think her father loves her, after all, he named her. But sadly, that’s far from the truth. He’s abusive, cunning, and worse of all inhumane. Jaxon and Jason, twin Alphas. Ruthless, cruel, harsh and devilish. What would happen if they meet Aphrodite? Someone who doesn’t look like she’s been abused?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Aphrodite's POV

I hate it...

What did I do? Is it because I'm alive and she isn't?

I rolled off the bed and headed into the bathroom.

I look into the mirror, my pitch black hair is a mess. Knots everywhere.

My once shining crystal blue eyes are now dull, listless.

I managed to unknot my hair.

Just as I walked out of the bathroom, I hear my father calling for me.

"APHRODITE!!!", he screamed on top of his lungs.

"Yes father!!?!?!", I yelled back



Its nothing good, its never anything good....

I walked all the way downstairs, I see my father sitting on the couch in the living room with some guy in front of him.

"Yes father?"

"She really does look like her mother." The stranger pointed out.

I look just like my mother, I look nothing like my father.

Pitch black hair, crystal blue eyes, pale skin, and a body... I suppose..

"She does, uncanny." My father commented.

"Does she have any... you know” the man asked

"Probably not, she's useless." My father told the man.

Useless..... Thats all I am to him, a useless child that shares the same blood as him.

"So Asher, 100 sounds good to you?"


"T or M?"

T or M? what the heck does that mean.

"Oh come on Ash, of course M. A beauty like her would make me billions" The strange man told my father.

Wait.... He's going to sell me.

I scoffed at him, of course he's going to sell me. I have no use to him.

"I want 105 M"

"hmmmm, fine. Deal"

I slowly backed away, heading towards the door.

Just as I was about to twist the doorknob, "Little lady, where are you going?"

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