The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 10

Jaxon’s POV

I left Aphrodite in the room, I heard her yell and bang at the door to let her out.

But its much safer for her in there. I go down to the cells where Jason is at.

"Jason" I said

Brother" he replied He's covered in blood from head to toe, I see the guy in the chair, bleeding from every part but surprisingly alive.

"Get a doctor in here" I mindlinked Nick

"What did you guys do"

"It's what I didn't do yet, Jason did it"

"Honestly, I'm the one that has to clean up the cells after you guys cause a mess. Loosen up, I'm trying to catch a break" he sighed I do feel bad for Nick, he has to deal with our crap but he's too good of a beta to let go.

"Maybe in another life"

"Maybe, then I won’t be stuck with you too" he sighed in relief

"You love us"

"PFT, you wish" and with that, we ended the mindlink

The doctor came in and checked his wounds,
“he should be healed in a week, I gave him a potion. So he should be fine" he said I dismissed him, “you hear that? Next week, you're my target" I said

"Please stop, I'm s-sorry. I-I didn't k-know" he muttered

“Too bad" I lowly growled. Me and Jason left the room

"Let's go to our mate" Jason said I looked at him,

“you should wash up first" He looked at himself,


We were walking out of the cells and a pack warrior rushed to us in a hurry,
“Al-lphas, w-we have a p-problem" he huffed out. "What?" Me and Jason growled.

We hated problems, such a waste of ti- I was interrupted in my train of thought when he said “T-The h-human you br- rought" We snapped our heads to him, “what about"
Me and Jason know there’s only one human on this land and it is Aphrodite.

“She's injured, she was attacked by a rouge that trespassed" he said

"Where is she" me and Jason said in sync. "With the pack doctor" with that, me and Jason ran out.

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