The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 11

Aphrodite’s POV

I jumped out the window, yes I jumped.

F*cking hell, I feel like I broke my ankles but you know what? It’s better than being locked up, it’s not that I’m running away-

Okay, maybe alittle bit but I just want some fresh air.

I don’t want to feel suffocated in that damn room with that feeling that the rapist left me with.

I’ll get over it, but it’s just disgusting to think about.

I walk straight, looking around

Where the f*ck am I, it’s just a bunch of trees like we’re in a forest of some sort.

I walked too far, I zoned out fir a bit and I have no idea where I am.

I can’t even see the house anymore.

I heard a nasty growl and I turned around.

Only f*cking shit, can this day get any worse.

I saw a giant ass wolf stalking me like a prey. And as of right now,I am a fucking prey.

I turned around and RANNNNN.

Running as fast as I can, what’s up with running today? Girl can’t catch a breath today.

“KAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY” I screamed as I feel a very sharp pain on my back.

I fell to the ground, I couldn’t move. My back hurt too much.

Tears slowly came out, I guess this is where I die.

I really never learn my lesson from running away.

Soon, darkness consumed me.

Nick’s POV

I was on patrol duty when Jaxon mindlinked me to get a doctor.

I swear, this guy has no self control- well, BOTH of them. Shake my motherf*cking head.

I’m the only one besides their family that can talk to them like that. I’ve known them since we were born, practically brothers .

“KYAYAYAYAYAYA” is all I hear as I’m trying to get back to the pack house.

I run towards the scream and see Aphrodite on the ground with a.... rouge. Distasteful.

I mindlinked pack warriors to come.

I attacked the rouge. “Tell the Alphas, I’ll bring her to the pack doctor”

They nodded then left.

Please be alright Aphrodite or else the world will die with you.

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