The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 12

Nick’s POV

We are rushing Aphrodite to the Emergency Room.

We heard a big bang and loud growls.

Where is she” Jaxon growled and I can tell he is not a bit pleased.

He asked you a question, answer it” Jason snarled.


“GUYS, SHES HEADING TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM” I yelled across the hall.

That caught their attention and they swiftly came over.

I heard some beeping noises and I know that is not a good sign.


What do you mean she’s losing too much blood?” Jaxon said in his deadly tone

“Please Alphas, move out of the way.”

I am your alp-.”

Before he could finish, we could hear the monitor flat like.

“SHES FLAT LINING, GET THE DEFIBRILLATOR!!!” The pack doctor pushed him out of the way

I stopped in front of them, “please let them help her.”

They growled at me but still stopped.

You better save her, if she dies. You’re dying with her” They said in sync.

The doctors and nurses gulped.


You can see her body jolt up everytime but the heart never beating.



They stopped, “time of death , October 16-.”

He was interrupted by Jas and Jax, “What do you mean time of death?” They snarled

“We c-can’t s-save h-her” the doctor stuttered.

They held the doctor by the throat and lifted him up in the air.

“JAXON, JASON STOP!” I yelled at them

These imbeciles, “KILLING THEM WONT HELP!”

Nick, stay out of it.” Jason lowly growling at me.

“Jason, you have to stop, think about it. Would Aphrodite want you to do this?” I know it was a bad idea to bring her into this but I had to stop them. They will kill everyone in this pack then neighboring packs.

Jaxon swiftly came over to me and held me by the collar, “if I were you I would shut i-.”

Before he could finish finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a low husky voice.

“S-Stop, h-he did n-nothing wrong”

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