The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 13

Aphrodite's POV

I can hear the monitor flat lining. I couldn’t move but I surely wasn’t dead.

Did I forget to mention that my heart doesn’t beat a lot?
It doesn’t mean I’m actually dead, I did think I was going to die due to the fact that I was attacked by a big wolf.

But it’s not my time apparently.

I can’t really feel anything, they tried jolting me awake but of course, that didn’t work.

If anything, they might make my heart worse.

Soon, there was yelling and screams.

“JAXON, JASON STOP!” I hear Nick? Was it Nick? I vaguely remember his voice when the twins took me.


“Nick, stay out of it.” Jason lowly growling at Nick, I was right.

I slowly open my eyes, it finally wants to open.

I see what is going on and I see Jason and Jaxon holding the doctors and nurses by their throats.

Are they killing them because they think I’m dead?

“Jason, you have to stop, think about it. Would Aphrodite want you to do this?”

I see Jaxon swiftly going towards Nick and grabbing him by the collar.

“if I were you I would shut i-.”

I had to stop him, I interrupted them with a cracked a** voice. I need some water.

“S-Stop, h-he did n-nothing wrong” was what I managed to get out.

They all whipped their heads towards me, in shock.

Jaxon and Jason dropped them and ran towards me.

“Aphrodite?” They asked in sync.

“The o-one a-an only”. I flashed them my smile.

They sighed in relief. Everyone in the room did. Obviously because they were gonna die if I didn’t open my eyes.

“B-But your heart?” Jason asked in concern.

I laughed at them, laughed a little too hard. My wound started hurting, I winced a little bit.

“Hey doc?”


“Could you patch my back up?” I asked

“U-uh, yeah yeah” he rushed over, “bring me some bandages” he ordered the nurses.

I look back at the twins, “my heart doesn’t beat so often, especially when I’m in shock” I chuckled at them.

“What do you mean?” They asked.

“It’s what I mean, my heart just kind of dies for a bit, but I’m still alive and can hear everything which is exactly why I stopped you guys before you killed everyone in this hospital” I glared at them

I can’t believe they were planning on killing everyone.

This time the doctor spoke up, “but you lost so much blood, how in the f*cking world did it-.”

Before he could finish he was rudely interrupted by the twins.

“She’s your Luna, speak with respect” they growled.

The doctors and nurses that were present were in shock.

Me too, Luna? Luna? LUNA???

I must be tripping, I know reading them werewolf books be making me trip like this.

“I-I’m s-sorry L-Luna” the doctor bowed his head to me.

So I am not tripping because he did indeed say Luna and bowed to me. For f*ck sakes, I thought werewolves were fake and just made up sh*t from my book.

I glared at the twins again, “no need to be so rude to the poor guy”

“He needs to know you’re higher than him”

“Shush it” I stuck out my index finger making a shushing sign for them.

They chuckled.

The doctor started patching me up, “oh to answer your question, I’m fine after losing a lot of blood. I have too much, way too much. I end up donating a lot, maybe like 2 liters a day? I’m not sure the amount but I just have too much for the average human”

“It’s a rare condition but I’m fine” I tell him

All the doctor did was nod, probably afraid that the twins might kill him this time. I don’t blame him.

“You’re all done Luna”

“Thanks Doc”

He then turned and left the room.

“So who wants some food?” I said, smiling at them.

“Not yet babygirl, explain to us how and why you left the room” Jason said.

Oh f*ck, I think I preferred it if I actually died.

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