The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 16

Aphrodite’s POV

We’re now in the car and they have this most displeased face on.

It’s not even a big deal, we’re just going to my house.

They’re over dramatic, someone put a leash on them.

As I’m looking out the window, I feel a hand creep up my thigh.

I look to my left, and SHOCKER, Jason slowly bringing his hand up.

I smacked it, he retreated and gave me a hurt look.

I rolled my eyes at him.

I feel myself getting pulled.


“Don’t roll your eyes at me”

I’m now straddling him, -sigh-

“Jason, stop” I whispered in his ear

He’s about to turn this into a make out session and I’m not ready for that yet.

He growled at me

“HEY, this isn’t fair” we hear Jaxon grumbling

I let out a chuckle, how cute.

It’s not like we were going to do anything.

“Just wait until we arrive” he warned

“We’re not doing anything” I said.

I slowly get off of Jason’s lap, “No” he growled.


“Jassooonnn, let me offfff” I whined.

He gripped me tighter. -sigh-

I just stayed there.

-Time Skip-

“We’re here” Jaxon said

I hop out of the car.

“What is it that you needed so bad” Jaxon said

“Nothing really, I just have to let some of friends know I’m leaving and take some of my stuff with me”

“You’re not seeing your friends” Jaxon said

“What!!?! You’re gonna be there, it’s fineeeee” I whined

“No is no Aphrodite”

The way my name rolled on his tongue sent me shivers.

“-HMPHF-“ I let out

“-sigh- Aphro-“

Jaxon was cut off when we hear someone say, “APHRODITE, YOU’RE HERE!!!”

I turned around and I instantly smiled.

“ANDREW” I yell out, oh I miss this boy.

He was always cracking jokes.

I was about to run to him to give him a hug until Jason stopped me.

That’s Andrew?” He questioned.


They both growled.

Andrew halted in place.

He put his hands up, surrendering.

“Chill there boys, I ain’t gonna steal yo girl” winking at them

They looked at him confusingly.

“Uh, did I forget to mention he’s gay?” I asked

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