The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 18

Andrews’s POV

I managed to convince Aphrodite to bring me with her. I hated this town, they don’t appreciate my beauty. I rather go with Aphrodite because well, look at her boyfriends.

They’re so hot, I hope they have a hot brother. And they don’t mind me being gay, it’s a better option.

We loaded things in the car and headed off to wherever they lived.

~Time Skip~

We finally reached the place. The place was surrounded by a forest. There’s like a whole town here, never thought there was a civilization here.

As soon as I hopped out of the car I hear a growl.
Is there an animal here?

I look up and I don’t see an animal but one sexy looking guy.

His hair was black, bright green eyes, very tall, maybe like 6’2? And very sexy.

He walks over to me and I unconscious take steps back.

Another growl can be heard and it came from him.

He walked faster and took his arm to put it around my waist, “You’re mine little mate”, his voice sent shivers down my spine.

I try to push him off of me but my efforts were in vain. I look at Aphrodite for some help, she looks at her boyfriends.

Nick” they said.

The guy whips his head to the twins, “Let him go, you’re scaring him

Tsk” he let out.

“So Andrew” Aphrodite starts.

“I have to tell you something”

“Hmm?” I let out

“So ummm, they’re not exactly humans”

Not humans? Is she messing around with me. It’s not even April fools.

“Ha ha, nice joke Aphrodite, if they’re not human. What are they?”

“They’re umm-.” She was cut off by one of the twins, “we’re werewolves”

This is even more funny, werewolves? No way.

“Pfffttt, you guys are funny”

Aphrodite let out a sigh, “show him” she said

One of the twins went forward, I heard bones cracking, twisting. I see him turn into a wolf.

“Th-ther-.” I couldn’t even form words.

I feel my head spinning, everything soon became black.


Happy New Years!!!

I hope you guys are having a joyous day!

Andrews POV is a special treat to you guys! I will be doing another POV of Andrew.

Hopefully I’ll update soon!

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