The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 2

Jaxon's POV

I woke up the the blaring sun.


Why didn't the maids close the curtains? Ugh, never mind. They're useless, never doing anything right.

I go and get ready.

I walk out of my closet, "Jas" I shake my twin.

"Jas" I shake him again

"Whattttt..." he mutters out.

"Alpha duties"

"Ughh, you couldn't give me like another 5 minutes?" he whines

I swear, you wouldn't think he's scary and ruthless when he acts like this.

"Just get up and get ready Jas. We have to deal with some human traffickers"

"Why are we doing that again?" he asked as he gets up.

"Because our dear father accidentally said it in front of our loving mother. And you know, mom doesn't trust the police to do this. So father is sending us instead" I let out a sigh.

Our mother is loving and kind. She doesn't trust the police, since she had bad encounters with them when she was younger.

"Im done" My brother said

I look at him from head down, "Thats being ready? You're practically naked" I shake my head at him. He's only wearing his boxers and his hair is drenched in water.

"Ugh, can't we cancel this whole thing? The police can do this, why are we doing this? We are Alpha's brother, Alpha's, meaning were werewolves. What does human trafficking have to do with us?" he said in an annoyed tone.

I agree with him, why are we doing the humans job? But unfortunately, there is an answer.

"You know the story, mom was being sold. She hates human trafficking since she had experienced it." I sighed.

"I really want to kill the people that did that to mom"

"Well, unfortunately for us, dad got to them first"

"CHILDREN!!!!", our mother yelling from downstairs.

"MOTHER!!!!", we yell back.

"BREAKFAST IS READY!!!" she hollered back.

"OKAY!", we replied.

"So, you ready?" I asked once again.


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