The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 21

Aphrodite POV

I followed Anastasia to the kitchen, and I was met by a carbon copy of her. She looked just like her, I assume it’s the twins sister.

I see that next to her is a very tall man, one quick look at him and I know who it is.

Their father, the twins took after him.

I’ve got to say, they split the genes, one gets the boys and one gets the girls.


She came over and hugged me excitedly.

“Roselyn, you’re going to scare her off” the man said

“-hmph- no I won’t”

He let out a sigh.

He then looked at me and stretched his hand out. “Hello, I’m the twins and this little girls dad, Matthew”

“Hello Matthew” I shook his hand.

“The twins are out on a meeting, they shouldn’t be back anytime soon”

Finally, I get a break from them. I can literally feel them breathing on my neck everywhere I go.

“Now come sit down my dear” Anastasia pushed me to the dining table to sit down.

We all sat down.

The table was filled with food, they had every single type of dish.

“Feel free to eat whatever you want” Matthew told me.

I gave him a small smile.

I reached for a sandwich. It just looked so good.

“Honey, how do you feel about them” Anastasia asked me

That made me choke on the sandwich.


I obviously know who, I am just prolonging.

“The twins” she smiled at me knowing full well that I was prolonging this.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about them.

My first impression was that they’re hot but I still don’t know how I feel about getting kidnapped.

But I got this strong feeling that won’t leave me alone. I do like them but they DID kidnap me.

Maybe I’ll forget about that part. Andrew is here too, so it can’t be that bad?

“I umm, they’re overprotective”

They laughed, “I’m afraid that is the werewolf genes, it’s worse for Alphas. They won’t stop breathing down your neck” she replied

I chuckled, I can see that one, they were always there.

“It’s even worse if they mark you” she chuckled

“Mark me?” How could I forget about MARKING?!?!?

That dangerous thing, they won’t EVER leave me alone if they mark me. I know this, I’ve read too many stories about this.

“Yes my dear, they have to bite the soul out of you”

“HEY, it wasn’t that bad when I marked you”

I chuckled, Matthew was acting like a child. I guess that’s what it’s like to be mated.

“Well, that was until you left two holes on my neck” she huffed.

“It’s not two holes now is it, the moon crest is very clear” he smirked.

“I suppose so”, she turned back to me “Would you stay with them?”

Would I?

I’m not even sure with myself, “I-I don’t know”

She gave me a small smile, “I was just like you when Matt wanted to steal me away, but for certain, they love you. That fact will never change”

I smiled at her.

I know my answer now.

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