The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 22

Aphrodite’s POV

~Mature Content Below~

I am now back in the bedroom waiting for them to arrive.

A good hour later I hear them walking down the hallway.

They opened the door and looked at me, “Any reason why you’re staring at the door like that” Jason asked

“I have something to say”

They gulped, “That doesn’t sound good”

I laughed, “I think you’ll prefer this”

“Oh yeah?”


I motioned them to come sit down next to me.

They each took a side, Jaxon on the right and Jason on the left.

“Mark me” I bluntly said

They looked at me in shock, “what did you say?”

“Mark me” I smiled at them

They looked at each other than back at me.

“Are you sure?” They said in unison.

I shook my head at them, “it’s either now or never guys. I suggest you hurry to it before I get up and walk out of here” I did kind of say the last sentence as a boost for them.

The immediately pushed me down, “you’re never going to leave us” Jaxon growled

I smirked, I knew that last sentence would do the trick.

They both took each side of my neck. Licking it, I let out a soft moan. They stiffened, I take a quick look at both of them, their eyes had changed to gold.

They sniffed my neck, I can feel their canines coming out.

They then bite down on the spot they licked.

It hurt like a b*tch at first but then I was filled with pleasure.

“You’re ours” they said in unison, retracting their canines.

“Finish it” I told them.

They looked at me confused.

“The mating process”

They stiffened at my words.

“You’re quite bold today” Jason said

“Because this is a once in the life chance, this chance won't come again... trust me"

Okay, I was being a little bit pushy and mean but hey, you gotta make them speed up the process somehow because I will change my mind later on, and we may never do it.

"One chance only?" Jaxon smirked.

He placed me on his lap, so that I am straddling him.

"Then I guess we have to take this chance, right brother?"

"Indeed we do", Jason came up behind me and slowly slid his hand down my pants

While Jaxon, was bringing his hand underneath my shirt grabbing my boobs.

I let out a moan, this is not suppose to be this good.

I let out a low scream when Jason suddenly ripped my leggings off of me. I covered my private spot immediately.

Jason grabbed my hands, "No no, this is ours to see"

This sly motherf*cker.

Jaxon then ripped my shirt up. "You guys are destroying my clothes, I won't have any clothes left if you continue to rip them up"

They smirked, "We can always buy you more"

They started to take off their clothes.

I tried to not look at them, KEYWORD, TRIED.

They have very defined abs, "Like what you see babydoll?" Jaxon smirked at me.

I blushed, "N-no"

Great going Aphrodite, stuttering.

They chuckled.

I huffed at them.

They took off their boxers and when I said my eyes bulged, THEY BULGED.

THEY WERE HUGE, that's not gonna fit. No way.

Jaxon took my lips, deepening the kiss. While Jason was kissing my neck and shoulders.

I moaned when Jaxon inserted two fingers in me.
Jason inserted two fingers in my a**, stretching it out.

I whimpered in pain.

"It will get better baby" Jason whispered into my ear.

As they were about to enter their length into me, "W-Wait" I moaned.

"What is it baby? Is this too fast for you?" Jason said, sounding disappointed.

"N-No, it's just t-that won't f-fit"

They let out a hearty laugh. "Oh yes it will"

They thrusted inside me, "F*CK"
It f*cking hurts.

They thrusted repeatedly into me, in both of my holes.

"F*ck baby, you feel so good" Jaxon groaned.

"Moan my name babygirl" Jason whispered into my ear.

I obeyed his command, "JASON" I gasped, I was filled with pleasure as they f*cked me roughly.

Jaxon started to thrust into me more roughly" HOLY F*CK, YES JAXON, FASTER"

He growled and started to pound me harder.

I feel my climax coming, my shafts tightening.

"F*ck baby, you're so tight" both of them moaned.

They quickened their pace as we were about to reach our climaxes.

"Cum for us babygirl" Jaxon said.

I let out a loud moan as I released.

I was now panting on the bed

"You are ours, forever"

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