The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 3

Aphrodite's POV

"Little lady, where are you going?"

I turned around and faced the strange man.

"For some fresh air" I lied

Of course I lied, what else am I suppose to say?

Oh, I'm running away because I'm being sold to you? That totally makes them be like, Oh- go right ahead.

"Uh huh, why don't I walk with you?", he suggested.

"Nah, I don't like walking with people. Now, would you excuse me"

I pulled the door open and to be only faced with two pairs of silver eyes.

They looked at me intensely, looking right into my soul.

"Ummmm, excuse me" I say, trying to walk pass them.

One of the twins grabbed me and held me in his embrace. "Ummmm, can you let me go?"

They both replied, "No"

They have a deep voice, nice and sexy... WAIT, stop it brain. No dirty thoughts. Positive thoughts only.

"Well, I think you might have to." I tell them.

They raised an eyebrow, obviously confused on why. "If you haven't noticed, that man right there" I say pointed at him.

"I was sold to him, I'm going to be honest here. I don't understand why I'm being sold. Have you seen this face? Clearly, YOU" pointing straight at the man, "Have no taste in women." I said rolling my eyes at him.

The twin that is holding me in his embrace held me tighter. Its not like I don't like him holding me, its just I might suffocate in his embrace. "Umm, could you like loosen up a bit? I might suffocate" Yes, awkward situation but I'm not planning on suffocating.

"Oh-, sorry babygirl"

"Babygirl?" I say back looking at him.

"Mphm" was all he said.

"But I-" I was rudely cut off

"She belongs to me" The strange man said.

"Here we go, time to have a jolly old time with Mr.Rapist", sarcasm dripping out of me.

What can I say? I’m a sarcastic person, I guess it’s a trait that I got of my mother, I don’t get depressed from being abused because why should I? It’s normal. Plus, can’t be letting my abuser know I’m sad, they got a kink for that.

The twins held in their laughs. Now that I take a closer look. They look quite handsome.

Sharp jawline, think it can cut paper.

Jet black hair and shining silver eyes.

"Take a picture babygirl, it will last longer" the other twin said.

I blushed, embarrassed that I got caught.

The strange man tried to grab my arm but the other twin grabbed his arm before he could, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Who do you think you are? I bought her, she belongs to me"

"Human trafficking now are we?" the other twin grinned.

"Its a great idea that we decided to check out on this human trafficking today, isn't it brother?"

"Best choice of the day." The twin holding me grinned.

What are they? Police? No, they don't look like cops.

"Who are you?" The strange man finally asked.

So he was useful for something, the long awaited question.

"We wonder" They replied in-sync.

"Nick" They utter.

"Yes Alpha's?" to which I'm assuming is Nick.

Alpha's? Like like like werewolf Alpha? Or like Alpha male?

"Get them" the other twin said

"Yes sir!"

Nick went too fast for my eyes, he grabbed the man in the light of speed.

"Let him go!" My father hollered from the back.

Another person grabbed my father as soon as he walked out.

"Get off of me! Aphrodite! Tell them to get their dirty hands off me!" My father yelled.

I stared at him, not saying a single thing. Just staring right into his eyes.

"What are you staring at you stupid bitch?!?!? You're even useless right now!! How useless can you be!?!"

Loud growls can be heard after he said that. I turn around to see the twins, their eyes had turned pitch black. No longer silver.

"Y-Your eyes" I stuttered.

They whipped their heads towards me. Their eyes turning back to silver. "Well then, I can't say I'm scared.....", "Terrified is more like it" I flash them my smile.

What can I say? I don't care for the time and mood, I like to joke.

"Aphrodite hun." I snapped my head back at my father.

"Help me, they will kill me"

Should I help him? Nah. He abused me for like, I don’t know? All of my life I suppose.

"Oh? How do you know that?"

"Look at them, they're monsters"

I turn around and looked at them. They stared right back at me.

"They are monsters" I say

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